The roots of The Family—A True Story? Quite visible to me are they now. Quite visible beautiful and strong like the roots in this tree. So strong those roots to be to make the tree grow. To reach the highest. Up! Up! The tree grows. Above the sun. Higher. Mightier. The tree grows. Likewise? It’s turning out to be for The Family—A True Story I am now relating to thee. The Story of The Mother and her Children in this Family.

Let's begin with how to read the Book!

Old life gone! New life begins. 2017!

Alright! Let's now begin.... You must click each Check It! Purple Button to read that chapter. Isn't that a clever way of doing this number?

Right now I'm up to Chapter 4. Lots in between each chapter So? Keep clicking for latest posts. It's all part of the Book!

Ah! I have not been led to write Chapter 5. Even so? I know now why? I'll be inserting chapters with the same brown heading, and? The looks of the page could become rather boring and hard to navigate, but! I can break that look by inserting my favorite graphics I have been creating for a long time. What a great idea! Thanks my Father!

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