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Do We Have The Power To Break The Chains And Burst Out Of That Prison? No, We Don’t! Still…Chains Can Be Broken To Live Free On And On Forever! Read On…

(This post is written mainly for all good & honest individuals who are doing their best to abide in our Father’s will! Sometimes, if not all the time, our best is not in the will of the Father!)

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 11:09 pm

O my Father! The end of this weekend finds me in total awe of You and the work of Your hand in my life! What can I say to express such awe? Not enough words to do so!

This new beginning started out with a burst of my anger towards the misinterpretation of a reply to an email with a link about our emotional compulsion to control & manipulate others.

I replied that the link was sent to me because the person that send it to me had perceived such compulsion in my lifetime behavior.

I proceeded in my reply to give testimony of how Yahushua had set me free from such compulsion and now I no longer had the need to control others in the name of love & help offers.

I added in my reply that besides my freedom from the compulsion to love & help others I was free from asking or craving for the love & help from others.

The sender totally missed the valuable insight in my reply and responded with an apology for sending me the link and the threat of not ‘sharing’ anything with me in the future plus her accusation of my offended feelings!

Talking about a shock to the Spirit within my being! Offended? What on earth is this? Offended? Indeed! The gist of my reply was the total opposite—freedom from such monster!

Angry at such gruesome misinterpretation? YES! The type of anger described in the Encyclopedia: Anger is an emotional response related to one’s psychosociological interpretation of having been threatened. Often it indicates when one’s basic boundaries are violated. Some have a learned tendency to react to anger through retaliation. Anger may be utilized effectively when utilized to set boundaries or escape from dangerous situations. Sheila Videbeck describes anger as a normal emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and emotional response to a perceived provocation.

But offended? Not in the least! Gone are those days when I would carry my raw feelings up front for anyone to scratch and inflict the most gruesome and painful sensation of offended or hurt feelings!

Gone are the days of retaliation! Gone are the days of my compulsion to control others or let others control me in the name of love & help!

I am now free! The Truth set free! What Truth? The Truth of my raw feelings & reasoning ingrained in my wicked carnal self!

And what and who set me free? The Son set that truth within my being and convicted me on the evidence! What am I talking about? What evidence? The evidence of depending on my carnal self even after I believed in Him. As it is written of the Jews of that time that had believed on Him.

For it is also written that many had not just believed on Him at that time, but also, trusted, relied on, and adhered to Him—they lived or abided in Yahushua. Not so the Jews, reason why the Scripture addresses the Jews in a direct way.

As He said these things, many believed in Him trusted, relied on, and adhered to Him. So Yahushua said to those Jews who had believed in Him, If you abide in My word hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them, you are truly My disciples. And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.

They answered Him, We are Abraham’s offspring (descendants) and have never been in bondage to anybody. What do You mean by saying, You will be set free?

Yahushua answered them, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, Whoever commits and practices sin is the slave of sin. Now a slave does not remain in a household permanently (forever); the son of the house does remain forever. So if the Son liberates you makes you free men, then you are really and unquestionably free. Yes I know that you are Abraham’s offspring; yet you plan to kill Me, because My word has no entrance (makes no progress, does not find any place) in you

I tell the things which I have seen and learned at My Father’s side, and your actions also reflect what you have heard and learned from your father.

They retorted, Abraham is our father. Yahushua said, If you were truly Abraham’s children, then you would do the works of Abraham follow his example, do as Abraham did. But now instead you are wanting and seeking to kill Me, a Man Who has told you the truth which I have heard from the Almighty. This is not the way Abraham acted.

You are doing the works of your own father. They said to Him, We are not illegitimate children and born out of fornication; we have one Father, even the Almighty. Yahushua said to them, If the Almighty were your Father, you would love Me and respect Me and welcome Me gladly, for I proceeded (came forth) from the Almighty out of His very presence. I did not even come on My own authority or of My own accord (as self-appointed); but He sent Me. Why do you misunderstand what I say? It is because you are unable to hear what I am saying. You cannot bear to listen to My message; your ears are shut to My teaching.

The attitude of most all believers in Yahushua, Messiah is, by all means, exactly as the attitude of the Jews of that time as they claim to possess the mind of Yahushua when they do not, but, such sad fact cannot be accepted by most all believers! Why?

Because most all human beings that choose to believe in Yahushua inevitable experience His Presence in many different ways, for we are all individuals with a distinct personality, what’s the problem with that?

The problem is that, as a rule we get stuck in that first experience and begin to follow or live according to that first experience and by many other experiences that follow in our lives and the lives of others.

Even so, living by our experiences does not mean that we are trusting or adhering to Yahushua. Living by our experiences only means that we are living by our senses, much in every way, different that living by trust & dependence in Yahushua.

Such is the reason why we remain carnal! Such is the reason why we are not able to hear the Spirit of our Creator much less able to follow Yahushua, Messiah.

Moreover, because we remain carnal we are not able to repent by our own power. Why? Because it is set in our carnal minds the wrong belief that we possess the mind of Yahushua when we first believe, therefore, we reason that there is no need to repent from possessing the mind of Yahushua.

And that is the chains holding a great majority of our Father’s children in the prison of their own carnal minds & heart unbeknown to them at all!

YET! There is hope! Hope for what? For the chains to be broken asunder by the power of love from our Father/Creator of our beings!

Hope to be set free from those chains holding a great majority of our Father’s children in the prison of their own carnal minds & heart!

Thus, the reason for the publishing of these blogs & sites popping up all over the Internet waves is for no other reason than to make all human beings aware of this matter and to compel all to seek the Father/Creator now while He may be found.

In the next post I will expound the matter further in accordance with whatever Father develops by way of comments.

For it is of the most importance to our Father/Creator to make this matter clear to all reading these post that I record & publish in all of the blogs & sites I have created for the honor & esteem of the same Almighty Father/Creator of our beings!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua.

Monday, February 16, 2015 at 8:02 am

Father, You know that I have been up since around 2 am. I could have gone back to sleep around 3 am but I got so engrossed in the creating of Joyce’s logo that I never made it to bed.

Father, I am so thankful that You have given me this new task plus the power & ability to carry on with it! I will now continue creating the logo and see where I go from there.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 7:34 am

Father! How blessed I am! You are an awesome Yah! And I do not have enough words to express my gratitude!

Just a moment ago, I was scrolling this journal looking for whatever I don’t remember, but, I saw my entry on February 10 and realized that I had not published that entry?

O my Father, it came to me to print it and read it…WOW! How such words from Your heart to mine had escaped from my mind?

Perhaps because You did not mean to apply those words in the depth of my being until this very moment when I have found myself once again wondering which way to turn!

Even so, as I read those words, the unmistakable power to go on and the joy of my deliverance has returned into my being tenfold!

Thanks my Father! In silence I worship You!

“My Child…. Such A Time Is Here,” For That Reason I Keep Blogging, Blogging, Writing, Writing, On And On And On Indefinitely…..

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 5:51 am

Father? These days are advancing with lightning speed, and, my heart sinks in sadness & uncertainty as I go along my daily life. Why?

O my Father, You know all about it for You know and You are in control of all things! I keep on writing & publishing all that You quicken me to write & publish. I keep on going to wherever You quicken me to go!

Even so my Father, there is no much to indicate to me that any of what I write and do is of any use at all! In fact on the few times that I step out of this room I find out that to my troubled friends I am only the source for their amusement.

It has come to the point that whenever You quicken me to go to visit someone I find myself with no desire to even open my mouth to utter sounds of any kind!

And when I return from the visit I find myself numb & discouraged! I plead my Father to show & empower me to see what You are showing me, and, in addition to empower me to abide by Your will not by my the will of yours truly.

“My child, I know you. For when I created man I created you in My image and I breathed into your nostrils the breath or spirit of life, and you became a living being—became a living being—an individual personality free to choose the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good & evil.

The first tree to live forever in Paradise with Me. The second tree to die spiritually and only live by your own devices independent of Me.

My child, I honored your choice then as I still honor it now, but, I did not and I will not ever give up on you! Why?

Because I created you to love and to cherish as the earthly father loves his own flesh & blood son and even when the earthly father can forget his son, I cannot forget you!

Thus I became flesh in My son—a life-giving Spirit–restoring the dead to life. All of this is well known by all, but, by far, it has never been fully accepted by the human mind ingrained in all of you.

My child, this is so because it is totally impossible for the human mind to accept the life-giving Spirit! Because the mind of the flesh or the human mind—with its carnal thoughts and purposes is hostile to Me, for it does not submit itself to My Law; indeed it cannot.

My child, the tragedy in this matter is that My children for the most, insist to live on the power of their understanding of all matters pertaining to Me and to you and to them and to all things under the sun as I have revealed it to some before including to yourself.

And why do My children insist in such endeavor? Because My children continue to fill their minds with the knowledge of good & evil and they cannot accept that all the good knowledge from that tree is equally corrupted.

My children cling to their understanding of My written words and they live & breathe by such understanding, unbeknown to them that such understanding is an abomination unto Me because it is not founded on faith, trust and dependence on My Son!

Therefore, My child, there is no need for you to expect any premature change in My children’s lives. They will continue to live as it seems good to them until My appointed time comes for each individual!

Such a time is here, even when you cannot yet see it. I have My reasons to let you see or not see the results of the task that I have assigned unto you, thus, continue such task and do not be concerned about the reactions to you or to your writings from all of your surroundings!

Furthermore, know of a surety that I have all the bases covered for you. Whether in gloom or in glee, whether among hostile or friendly people, whether they praise or insult you, no matter what? Nothing, nothing at all can steal your faith & trust in My Son and that’s all you need to go on and on!”

Thanks my Father! In silence I worship You! My whole being remains in awe of You and all of Your awesome doings!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 4:32 pm

Father, this day is almost gone and I have not really accomplished much of anything and do not have the gumption to do anything about it!

Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 3:32 am

Well, my Father, yesterday came & went finding & leaving me in a plateau! Bless my heart! No need to get bent out of shape as you sit on a plateau—just sit & wait? Nay! Get up & go to sleep!

Father, You know that sleep is what I did most of the day & night of yesterday! I hope today You give me whatever it takes to do whatever is in Your plan for me to do!

Friday, February 13, 2015 at 4:01 am

Father, thanks for giving me the incentive to go and get the ink even when I had to pay a couple of bucks more! And, on the boot, my Muna treated me to a scrumptious lunch in the fabulous Aquavista dining room!

In addition, when I came back I continued to wrestle with the uploading of one of my sites that has been in limbo since I updated the background of it!

Finally! A couple of hrs. ago I succeeded! I don’t even know how I succeeded, but http://www.flowersfromonhigh.com/index.html is a beautiful reality now in my browser! Hopefully it is just as beautiful in other browsers for all to enjoy!

Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 4:03 am

Another 7th day of rest, my Father! This day was not a good day for me my Father and You know it! I wish I could go far away from here and never come back! Actually I wish to die!

Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 4:25 am

Thanks for sleep my Father! Somehow I feel better physically but, my heart is broken again by the impact of human’s carelessness & selfishness.

Am I guilty of the same carelessness & selfishness my Father? If that is the case, then, truly, what is the use for my existence?

I see my children & grandchildren. I see Ahmad. I see Talmage. I see Liam. I see Muna. I see Ruba. I see Adeeb. I see Ziad. I see many, many of my most beloved friends both old & new. I see them all! Unfortunately, do they see me? Does a far thought about this woman even cross their minds? Perhaps!

Perhaps somehow I come to their minds. Perhaps my coming into their minds is only a disturbing, non-pleasant thought that only makes them recoil and stay away!

Away? Away from what? Away from contemplating the harsh reality of their lives against the blessed reality of my life in the Presence of my Father!

Perhaps! Perhaps my Father, this is all part of Your incredible plan to show them all that the way they feel & think & acts towards a person like myself is the same way they feel & think & act towards You?

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Monday, February 09, 2015 at 3:41 pm

Father, thanks for giving me enough incentive to go to visit my friend. It is nice to know that there is a family that considers me one of their own.

I do not have a clue or much of a clue I should say, of what is to happen next in this country and in the rest of the world. Even so, I am trusting and depending on You, my Father to tell me what to do as I go along in Your Presence.

Talk to your Creator and He will talk to you….only you must listen, listen, listen. …what am I talking about? I read a multitude of beautiful words, I heard the cry of so many, what is this all about?

The same thing—we are looking, searching, looking and searching again & again! For what? For love, for fulfillment, for that elusive peace, contentment, happiness …and…what else? What are we looking for?

We are lost, traveling along the valley of death that this world in reality it is without much of a clue of who we are or what are we here for?

Sometimes we find comfort in the multitude of voices cheering & encouraging us in our beautiful endeavors but then…after a time, such comfort evades from us as we stagnate giving thanks & enjoying the clamor of so many voices cheering us on!

And we find ourselves, still, in the same predicament of looking & searching all over again! Why such vicious circle? Because we are talking to the wind or to the stars or to whatever even to our Maker, but, we are just talking, talking and, never for one second stop and listen…

Sometimes the voice of our ego comes loudly into our ears. Other times the voice of the ‘deceiver—the enemy of our souls stealthily but with much intensity is heard! Then, there is a voice that is not loud nor stealth and that voice can penetrate the depth of one’s being if only we listen!

But how can we discern who is talking to us? That my friend is the paradox of life that baffles even the most clever of human beings existing on this earth. Thus the humbling of our cleverness comes into play!

What on earth am I talking about? O well! Incurable me with my mysterious remarks! What is it that I, so much want to convey and share with you?

Very simple matter and yet, a matter that is impossible to grasp ahead of the appointed time, and, for that reason I find myself not knowing how to bring the matter to you in the way that will penetrate the depth of your being! What is that matter?

It is the matter of humbling ourselves in the sight of our Creator—in the sight of God! But why I find it so difficult to bring this matter to light?

I find it difficult to write about this matter because I have recently discovered the horrible misconception of so many about this ‘humbling’ expression.

So many intelligent and well educated people recoil in horror at the mention of humbling oneself in the sight of anyone even in the sight of God! Why such recoiling?

Such recoiling reminds me of the saying ‘taking candy from a child!’! The mind of the clever is a type of candy that satisfies many pleasures & lusts of our humanity.

Humbling? Capitulating or giving up such mind to the control of someone else even to the Creator? NO! THAT’S NOT FROM GOD! They loudly protest!

And me? O well, me! What can I say about me and my reaction to such recoiling of something that I thought to be so easily done? Shock! Total shock! Ha! Ha! I am just as gullible as they come!

I had no conception of the reality of realities—the extent of the pride and arrogance of the most cultured and educated human beings!

It is well said, the most educated we are the dumbest we become! Why? Because with high education comes the high of ourselves to the point that we believe ourselves to be masters of our own destiny! What a fallacy!

Just as simple as that! Even so, I wish to address mostly the beautiful gifted and humble souls reading this blogs of mine and connecting with the Spirit in those writings!

To them I want to say, once anyone capitulate the will, mind and emotions to our loving Creator an amazing happening takes place—freedom!

Freedom in the full sense of the word! For we think ourselves to be free in our present state and condition, but, such freedom to all known is actually only a mirage! Again what am I talking about?

I am talking about the idea in all of human’s heads that we are free! For there is no such a thing as anyone being free, indeed we are all encased and limited by the bonds of society and civilization!

Until, our loving Father/Creator cuts through the thick layer of the carnal self that we acquired at birth and set us free from our own wicked selves. Only then we can discern and learn.

Yes, only then we can discern and learn what our Creator is all about, because when we talk to Him and out of our free will submit to Him, our Father/Creator listens & gives us personal answers that apply to all in general.

It is really a relationship likened to our relationship we have with our good earthly parents. We talk to and consult with Him in plain language about everything in our minds & hearts—from thanks to complains and in between!

Our Father/Creator in turn talks to us not only about everything happening to us but also about everything that concerns Him about us and our loved ones in our world!

Thus the byline in the journal of my daily interchange with Him, From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

By all means! Talk To Your Creator And He Will Talk To You….Only You Must Listen, Listen, Listen. …and, as you humbly listen, before you realize it—your life in His Presence has become the only life to live for eternity—no more looking, no more searching for you have finally come to an end and a beginning never to return to the painful groping along, lost in the valley of death that the world has become!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia.

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015 at 1:25 am

Why human being have become either homosexuals or self-righteous religious bigots or tolerant & intolerant of either?

Because when they knew God they did not give God the honor but the honor they took for themselves, both the perverts and the religious ones! Read & Take Heed about not only of Romans 1 but also of Romans 2!

This, by far, it is not my opinion or my deduction or interpretation of the Scriptures! So, what it is? It is the exposing of the words written in the Scriptures misnomer the Bible verbatim and undiluted! Why?

Because, anyone with a couple ounces of intelligence, can read the Scriptures and understand to a point the meaning of the words written there, but, no one has the power to bring those words to life no matter how much research and history about any passage anyone can obtain.

To cut this post short let me state that all of this hype about the beauty of corruption can indeed blind the eyes of many, but, corruption is corruption no matter how beautiful it can be.

I am referring about the beauty in sexual deviations from the simple union of man & woman to become one in the flesh, as well as, the beauty in religion and all self-righteous deeds and practices! They are both a sin and an stench into our Father/Creator’s nostrils.

And to live by and to condole and approve of such practices is as well despised by a Perfect Being that calls us all to be PERFECT as He is perfect!

That is the message in simple terms that the Scriptures bring to us! There is no need to read and study such a matter—a simple level of reading can accomplish much in a humble soul that capitulate the being to the loving Father/Creator that created us to love and to cherish for eternity!

Neither I nor all of these scholars or amateur scholars or opinionated religious human beings wrote the Scriptures, so, what is the use of all the debates and detailed ridiculous information suturing the Net and clamoring for followers? What is the use, O people, WHAT IS THE USE?

Evil, however we covered it with the thick layer of beauty, evil has taken over this world! Now, we sit forlorn thinking that there is nothing we can do about it? Think again!

Thursday, February 05, 2015 at 3:24 am

Father, You know that I need to sleep, but, I’m feeling so heavy seemingly for no reason at all and I just can’t go to sleep! I am so tired even of my own self!

I don’t understand people and people don’t understand me! I had enough of the hassle of just living day by day—up and down on the see saw of just being human and having feelings!

So tired of the multitude of words….so tired of so much meaningless affairs! Yes, I am depress and don’t like it but I do not intent to panic and do anything about it! I am going to bed! Let depression take its course!

Thursday, February 05, 2015 at 6:41 am

And why not depression? Is it not the state and condition of Your people enough to weep and cry tears of blood like Yahushua did?

Ah! But You have given me enough sense to experience, in a very small way, what took place in the Garden of Gethsemane and the road to Golgotha.

And yes, to some of us that garden and that road are the realities of our lives in spite of whatever anyone choses to think of the matter!

For just as Yahushua lived among the hypocrisy of His own people and died our shameful death to give us life, so, some of us do!

Never mind the insults of the many than consider myself to give me airs to be superior, to be judgmental, to be the only one, to be wrong, to be offensive and unkind without a lick of compassion in my heart!

The truth? It is the other way around! My accusers are the ones to consider themselves to be superior not only to me but also to the Almighty Creator of our beings!

Surprised? Listen to the fools in this world, to which lot, but by the unmerited favor of my Master I once belong, listen to them, “together we will change this world!” “together we will make this world a better place to live!” “we can do anything that our minds set to do!” Is that the sound of the tower of Babel? Indeed!

And God? Hum! Hum! Hum! “Praise God” “Jesus is the reason for the season!” “I am born again!” “I am saved!” “I do the work of God!” “I am his humble servant!”

And me? I look, I see, I hear and I search, search, search for what? For the fruit of such claims that Yahushua told us to look for, but, what do I find?

The truth about it all when I see the tears flowing from my Father/Creator’s eyes, when I hear the painful tone of His voice as He pronounces these words we all should mind,

And the Master said, Forasmuch as this people draw near Me with their mouth and honor Me with their lips but remove their hearts and minds far from Me, and their fear and reverence for Me are a commandment of men that is learned by repetition without any thought as to the meaning.  Therefore, behold! I will again do marvelous things with this people, marvelous and astonishing things; and the wisdom of their wise men will perish, and the understanding of their discerning men will vanish or be hidden.  Isaiah 29:13-14

Should I say anything more? Should I swing these words as the stones that my loved ones swing to me? Indeed! In that case my Master will deal to me as much as He will deal to all the wise of this world!

Instead, my best bet is to heed my Master and keep on the road to Golgotha to the gate of the crucifixion—the daily death of my wicked self!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Thursday, February 05, 2015 at 1:54 pm

Where, O where is the nobility of loving those that love and pamper us? So I was beaten with a horse whip for even the simple offense as not liking the food on hand and for major offenses or what was considered major to my beaters? I was dragged by my hair through dirt and rocks to face my deed and then further applying the beating of beatings to make of me what they considered a decent human being.

As I recall the gruesome part of my childhood, wonder of wonders! There is not today the least amount of anger or hurt feelings—only and understanding of how misguided my beaters were and how their end did not justify the means to achieve such an end! That’s what qualifies as true love!

Wonder of wonders such an attitude in my part is because, for half of my life, just to think of such gruesome childhood will cause me to weep and weep and weep and there were not a single human being, well-meaning as they were, capable to alleviate my pain much less heal the open wounds that my childhood left on me.

Until, one day, one awesome day in the year of 1979, while two dear sisters laid hands on me and one of them commanded me to talk about my childhood and I was practically forced to do so.

While I began to talk & recall the gruesome details of all that took place, the tears kept profusely flowing from my eyes and in my head I heard these words that with my mouth I pronounced,

“I saved you from all of that for My own glory!” and as I expressed what I had heard, a heavy weight was lifted from my chest and I knew from that instant of time that such things were not ever to hurt me anymore!

Time took its course. Lows & highs continued to be the norm of my life. Marriage, divorce, falling from the peak of self-righteousness to the pit of corruption.

Marriage & divorce again, and again, up to the pedestal of self-righteousness. Once again down to the pit of corruption! Then? My appointed time of conviction of the wicked nature ingrained in my being!

The wicked nature ingrained within my being? Yes, such nature that caused me to climb up to the pedestal of self-righteousness and down to the pit of corruption like a flimsy boat in turbulent seas!

Wow! Conviction! Repentance! Then? The esteem and beauty of the scar free life that I now live! But how did I gain such freedom? Not the efforts of my own!

I gained such freedom by the favor of my Father/Creator to give me the power to see or recognize my wicked self and shake the chains that had me living under the mandate of such evil thing within my being—that is repentance.

Why such conviction & repentance did not take place any sooner that it did? Beats me! And why I do not see such conviction & repentance taking place anywhere around me? Beats me as well!

Such knowledge is not a necessity for me to have! There is only a certain knowledge worth to have, namely, the knowledge that the Mighty Presence of my Father/Creator resides within my being!

The knowledge that I am privileged to live in the secret place of the Most High there to stay overcoming my wicked self, day by day and moment by moment!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Friday, February 06, 2015 at 1:20 am

Thoughts & feelings? What sort of thing are they? Nothing else but passing waves that swiftly swing by our minds leaving us exhausted & drained of the power to truly love ourselves much less our neighbors!

O yeah, the mind & the feelings together can make a rhythmical song of what is commonly call ‘love’ but the ballad comes crumbling down as that song is not accepted as that song is rejected!

Thoughts & feelings? What sort of thing are they? …nothing else but the gads that do ourselves either under the brown ground or in the highest peak of success be found!

And all for what?  Think & feel, think & feel and do it again and again at end, what have you got? A large dose of the same lame perennially menacing worry & fear your life to pieces tear!

Friday, February 06, 2015 at 6:45 am

So we were abused and beaten and wounded for life by the same parents that brought us into this world or by their authorities? So we had wonderful parents that taught us right and wrong and taught us to love ourselves?

So what? We hate and loath the first but, we idolize the second—both standards are wrong! Why? Because, think carefully about this, because the root is the same for both, worldly hate and worldly love as well come from The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good & Evil!

Such a tree is not a fictional thing as most all do believe and tones has been written to ridicule or to expand such matter.

Even so, in spite of all scholarly expounding and deductions and opinions of so many, the simple truth is that, the only source of life that we know is Knowledge whether religious or otherwise!

And because we want to live—the innate survival instinct, because such is the norm, we gorge ourselves from the good side of the tree and whatever seems good to us becomes our God and mode of life!

Thus, we shut and lock the door in our minds to receive anything that does not come from the knowledge of good & evil that our minds are already full to the brim with our capricious ideas & whims!

And God? I mean the sole Creator of the whole Universe and to us, a loving Father/Creator that created us to love & cherish as a good earthly parent loves his children!

What about this Father/Creator? Ah! Of course! We love & worship & revere God! We sing to him the most loving of melodies! We pray to him! We call on him! He knows our hearts! And he loves us because he is love!

For true? Then how come we are not by any means at all living in Paradise terrain? Then how come we are all, in spite of our foolish assumptions of grandeur & beauty & love & goodness we are still bunched together like cans of sardines in this world’s derailed train? Perhaps because of sociopaths like myself? Think again! O human, think again!

O! But what is the use of expounding such matters? What is the use of myself or anyone else to bring to light this crucial matter only to earn and add the label of ‘sociopath’ to the many labels already acquired in this world of amateurs social analysts?

Ah! But in hate they whine about all the wounds upon them inflicted but do not hesitate in hate to wound whoever in love approaches to give them a way to escape from the tyranny of worldly hate & love!

Indeed! Most all humans, so gleefully & willfully embrace such tyranny by all means in ignorance of the beauty of the freedom out of the bounds of such tyranny to be found!

Friday, February 06, 2015 at 11:29 am

Anyhow my Father, what to do now? Many, many thoughts run by my mind and my feeling swing from the lows to the highest thinking, what will be for me to do for best!

Even so, my Father how well You know that, You have taught Your little girl on her thoughts & feelings not to depend so to survive until the end!

And so, my Father, I have said as much as You wish for me to say. Now I will publish it and let the thorny  flowers fall wherever You wish for them to fall!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

Those labels are just that: labels without any significance in the world of our Father. So, actually, those labels do not need to be upheld or destroy in any way for the comfort of our carnal natures! Read on, think and carefully ponder that you may not falter there yonder!

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Monday, February 09, 2015 at 4:17 am

In this world many of us are considered mentally ill, but, in the reality of our Father/Creator is the other way around…all those labels that the insane world that we inhabit has saddled on us are just that: labels without any significance in the world of our Father!

We are the gifted and perfectly healthy ones only labeled because of the colossal ignorance of the world at large.

So, the world labels on me from manic depressive, bipolar, schizophrenic and now somebody even mentioned ‘sociopath’ and ‘stalker’! Ha Ha HalleluYah!

For in the world of our Father those are the labels to qualify for the last to come first and for the mourners to laugh later!

Yeap! So, why should I bother with the efforts of this insane world to uphold and staunchly stick & refresh the glue on those labels at every turn of my way—twisting my harsh words & totally missing the treasure hidden beyond those harsh words?

In the other hand this world eagerly and passionately follows after whoever can express with beautiful words  the exact same values that I, with harsh words do express. …?

What is the reason & the difference between these two modes of communication? And why it has come to me to express these matters with such harsh & demeaning expressions that cause people to recoil in wrath & disdain causing me such pain?

Ah! The answer came to me only as I woke up earlier this morning! O but how clear I see, after carefully listening to Ms. June Hunt on several biblical answers to all of our life’s predicaments, memories came to life.

Memories? Yes, memories of my past finding an oasis in the biblical truth that Ms. June Hunt so beautifully applies to resolve the crucial issues in our lives—yes, I vividly recalled it all!

Moreover, I pondered and went further in my present observation on the effective & powerful results that Ms. June Hunt’s teachings have in our society.

And I wondered and reflected as to why such amazing & productive results of Ms. June Hunt’s teachings has not made a dent in this world sinking deeper & deeper dragging along the same beautiful ones that follow after Ms. June Hunt’s teachings?

As I said, the answer came to me only as I woke up earlier this morning! Why? Why these wonderful & beautiful teachings are becoming of no effect at this crucial time of the age of mankind?

Simply and plainly biblically stated the reason is because, without a shadow of a doubt, these teachings are appropriated by the carnal self—the flesh nature innate in all of us!

O but how well I now know such matter in retrospect as I see myself and recollect and inspect with much reverence the work of our Father within my being! What am I talking about?

Let me quickly and briefly explain my personal situation at the onset of my Christian journey. At that time I had my own Ms. June Hunt only her name Frances differs from June.

Frances was my June Hunt—always biblically and beautifully assertive in the written words, Frances was my lifesaver for many years … until…swooft! Such prop my Father yanked from under my feet leaving me totally perplexed for quite a bit of time.

Then, the voice of my Father came clear to my ears: “That was your last idol that you were placing ahead of Me!” and I was set free!

Free? Free from what? Free from the tyranny of my own carnal self—the carnal self that in former times was nourished and upheld against the truth to set us free by the same beautiful assertive biblical words that I chose to live by instead of letting the Son set me free! John 8:32-40

For heaven’s sake woman, what are you talking about? I am talking about John 8:32-40. What is the truth to set us free? The truth is that the carnal self that is comprised of our will, mind, emotions and physical make up, that carnal self, profits nothing!

No matter what biblical principles or otherwise principles we apply to it—the carnal self must be put to death daily not by our own power but by the power of the Spirit of our Father within us! Romans 8:7-18.

The trouble is that with all of those passages of Scriptures, we adapt them to our way of thinking and feeling and totally bypassing and ignoring the ‘IF’ in such passages, we assume exactly what we are not to assume.

We assume that we are living by the Spirit when in fact we are only living by what we understand the Spirit to be. And for that reason we remain carnal and foolish like the Corinthians & the Galatians!

Moreover my friends, this ought not to be, but, I do not of my own have any answers or advise on what it is to be.

And for that reason because I or anyone else have not the answers for the colossal mess in our present lives, our loving Father/Creator is now declaring the appointed time for His intervention.

Thus to demonstrate this matter, our Father/Creator is raising up His mouth pieces for the present time at the threshold of the end of time.

In addition, and in His unfathomable wisdom, our Father/Creator is placing His mouth pieces strategically, thus, He has set yours truly in this Blogging 101 for the only purpose and aim to demonstrate His work in my daily interchange with Him recorded in the journal published in this blog!

May all profit for the honor & esteem of the Almighty Father/Creator of our beings! His honor not mine is the desire in my heart!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Saturday, February 07, 2015 at 2:03 pm

Father, You have heard my complain. I know my complaint has not fallen on deaf ears! You know that I had enough once again, of my despair there seems to be no end!

Even so, the way I think You are showing it to me is the fact that I am still looking for the honor from man! From this day forth my Father, I’ll quit this futile longing for somebody to honor me!

Why should anybody honor me when I am not different that the rest—all I do is talk and talk just like all humans do!

For with all my talk there is not any sign of the veracity of my words! In addition I am falling into the stupid idea that I am different than the rest! Even so, am I different?

Maybe I am when I stay within my limits of proclaiming their sins to the people, and of course, I am one of those people and it all applies to me as well, plus, You have instructed for me to do so!

The problem is when I set myself up & continue on & on stagnating myself in a state & condition that You have not meant for me!

All of that said, You are my judge and You have the right to judge & convict & discipline me according to Your loving will!

Father, I accept this agony that I am going through as Your discipline to teach me not to expect the honor from man. Father, I repent in dust and ashes! Do unto me as it is Your will to do!

Even so, You know my Father that I have not intentions to ever again conform to any at all of the ways of the world, no matter what I will not go back to my former life to honor man ahead of You!

Sunday, February 08, 2015 at 12:27 am

Father, please, what is happening to me? Am I guilty of whatever I do not know, please my Father, show me the way. I am angry, I am disgusted, I am tired and I am sick of my carnal self along with the carnal self in others!

I refuse to give way to my carnal lusts for attention and for love and for understanding and for pampering and for the insidious wanting to control others!

People don’t understand me and I don’t understand people! Why don’t I let people be? Why people don’t let me be? There is always that insidious want to help and be helped.

And it all would be OK if we could just help and let it go! But no! We want to help and make sure that our help is productive otherwise we go to pieces!

And that’s where I am—angry because my help is no longer needed nor it was ever accepted even when it was and it is much needed!

I like to think that I am angry because they have rejected Your Presence within me, but, I am just beginning to see that I am angry because I feel like a fool! Yeap! That’s the case! And now I know!

Sunday, February 08, 2015 at 4:21 am

O Father, what to do about it? Ah! But Your answer has not changed! To trust and obey the One You sent is all You require from any of us!

But what to do with these horrible and disgusting feelings that disturb all the goodness of Your Presence within us? What to do about the anger that escalates to the highest high every time that the carnal self do not get its way?

“O My child, be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: neither give place to the devil. In other words, When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, your fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down. Leave no such room or foothold for the devil, give no opportunity to him to get a hold on you.

My child, it is not a sin to be angry and to vent out your wrath as loud & clear as you may! The sin lies in the opposite: to withhold your anger inside your being and let it turn into a murderous rancor damaging to you and to the object of your wrath!

Furthermore, My child, it is not really about your does or don’ts. It’s all about the humbly submission of your being to Me—submission of your being to Me IS what obedience and trust are all about!

This is the matter that I aim to convey to all of My children as you bring to me all of your doings on the daily basis—be your doings good or bad or in between the only thing that counts is that you have submitted it all to Me!

Even more so My child, My children must come to understand that all the ritualistic prayers & mode of worship are truly an abomination in My sight!

For it is not about religion or any human device to practice goodness or badness, but, it is all about being born again of My nature and establishing a relationship with Me!

This is the matter My child that I aim to convey to all in all that I give you to record in the journal of your life in My Presence.

Rejoice and be glad for the task I have entrusted unto you, you are performing it to My delight and I will accomplish much through those writings!”

O my Father! The wrath that crossed my path in the last few days is gone! In its place there is peace flowing like a river in my soul! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015 at 2:01 pm


This is your new mom. It seems to me, from my records, that there are preset dates for all major changes in the way that I conduct myself.

This time the date was set for November 4, 2014—that day marked the end of 6 years since I set my feet in this building and my eyes on Ahmad, and, the beginning of my 7th year still in the company of Ahmad.

Once again, a major radical change has taken place within me and it is showing, but, only to the ones that want to see that change.

To the rest I am the same as I always been. My long writings are for nothing, so, there is no use to continue to write them indiscriminately.

I am thankful that you thought enough of me to write the words that you have written. I accept your love and your forgiveness. You are welcome to write whenever you so wish to do.

Even so, I know that this mail will, perhaps, be taken for whatever it is not meant to be in your mind or in your heart, but, my hope is no longer in words or in people, even the people that I cherish the most.

This thing about relationships, love, happy—happiness, to me? A thing of the past! Whatever opinion or idea anyone has about me and my doings, be it negative or positive, even my sinful or righteous past or present is no longer my issue.

My whole life I have struggled & fought to the max of maxs! It is time for me to rest! I have no longer the need to explain or defend myself.

I don’t understand anything and have no answers at all. But there is no need for my understanding or for my answers—the world does not revolve around me!

My only need is to focus and keep my eyes on the One that set me free from my own self, He is the source & the finisher of my faith.

Thus by all means, my hope is in the Mighty Father/Creator of our beings—He is working for the good of all of us and that’s all that matters to me.

Again, you are welcome to write whenever you so wish to do. My heart is open for you. And I wish & hope for the best for all of us.

Love, mom

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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