Good Or Perfect?

Christian pulling cart-and horse

And I was on top of the list of the ‘Cart Pullers’ No room to point my finger. That’s the fact to be exact!

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …
Friday, July 22, 2016 at 4:17 pm

O my Father—O Father of mine? It just came to me. My writings are ‘mushy’. All those lovey doo words. I don’t like them, O my Father—O Father of mine, how can I not be ‘mushy’? How can I express the power of Your love from on high? How can I leave all those romantic, sentimental adjectives for the romantic world that all cater to?

Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 3:47 am

O my Father—O Father of mine? You are leading me all the way and in all details of my daily living. I read about all the systems to acquire whatever our heart desires. Amazing results are tutted all over the internet and by all means of communication available.

Even so, I am no longer impressed or enticed by such systems. Why? Because, O my Father—O Father of mine, You have clearly shown me that unless You take control of our daily doings? All those systems are in vain even when those systems work to accomplish our wildest dreams. Oh?

Pause. Reflect. O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart, would you pause and reflect on the written words from Me to all of My children? All answers to direct you to a higher life above the lower life that you had been living are found in My written words.

O my Father—O Father of mine? This matter is common knowledge. Practically all of the people You have placed in my path have this knowledge. Moreover, practically all of these people consider themselves true adherents and practicers of Your written words. What is it, O my Father—O Father of mine, what is it that is lacking?

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