Progression Continues …


Progression of my book cover & book description & title & content.

Hilarious is the word! Talking about hard work? Sure, hard it was but, it was lots of fun to hear the voice of my critics, “GET RID OF THAT STUPID ?” Well, all is turning out super easy and super good. Not many of those cute things with the curved tail and a dot to make interesting! Hahaha! All because of the power of love from on high coming to me through all my helpers!

Just take one more look at my headings throughout the following posts and my headings & posts of now. Good, don’t you think so? My goal is to tell my tales graphically. Don’t know yet whether it’ll work or not since my graphics are quite, shall we say not exactly the best? It will depend on the response from you all if any. Regardless, the truth is it all depends on my Father’s lead.

Anyhow, that’s my pitch to introduce you, again, to the new Overcoming Supernaturally. This narrative is taking more turns that what I was counting on.

Then, I have the Book Blog to tamper with. In between? My head is swimming with tutorials on graphic designs, themes, book covers, book descriptions, marketing and now? Scrivener! Hum! Forget this so famous Scriv. That one is for all the illustrious & famous, not for me, I am not either or! Hahaha!

So that’s what I have been doing as if anybody is truly ‘enthralled’ with all my doings. Bless you all hearts. I am going to keep thinking about that word ‘enthrall’ for the rest of my scribbling life. That word from me about my story? Is a boast, I am told. But I am not talking about ‘my’ anyhow. Theodora. Theodora is my subject not me! Hahaha! HalleluYah! Thanks for your visit & reading of these lines.

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