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You mention any such words and people’s whole bodily expression goes, ‘Holy, holy, holy!” I have seen some people even drop to the ground at the mention of special words. And I wondered. And I tried to imitate people thinking that such was the thing to do but, I never could stick to any one practice for a long time.

Eventually and in due time, my Loving Father halted all my shenanigans and set me up in the straight gate to the top of His mountain of joy in His Presence. From this stand, there is not any need to act ‘holy’ and drop to the ground at all. Isn’t that a blessing? O but I do hope that someone would read these lines of mine and enjoy reading them as much as I am enjoying writing them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 8:09 am

Alright! Enough rambling & dally down around. On to the real what is it that I am doing. Simple but complicated as well. Does that make sense? Let me make simple sense and quit complicating things.

I done lost track of how long or how many articles, tutorials, courses and what have you. Nothing new. I would lose track of my own head if it was not so painfully attached to my neck. Anyhow, the many years I have been traveling the writer’s world is finally fixing to pay off. How?

Believe it or not my Loving Father is leading me all the way this time of my life’s journey. To make the long story short, suddenly, since 2015 I started to get emails to join one thing or to subscribe to one famous personality or the other.

These grand personalities have been kind enough to put up not only with all my dumb requests but also to encourage me on the road to gainful employment of my gifted writing skills. The latest ones? Jason Cushman, Derek Murphy, Alinka Rutkowska, Bryan Cohen, K. M. Weiland, Katrina Sara Cain, Nina Amir, Rebecca Matter, Ray Edwards, Keith Koons AWAI, iWriter, RE and more …the result?

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