Progression Continues …

I am now focused as I should be. I am shutting off all noise. I am keeping to my Loving Father and to myself for the most. I limit myself to do only what my Loving Father quickens me to do at any given moment. To what end this focus is all about?

To the end of achieving what my Loving Father has put in my heart & mind to achieve. Big difference from what I had in my heart & mind before my Loving Father took the loving control & direction of my life.

Perhaps this kind of talk sounds kind of mushy to some but, it is the simplest way that I have to explain what is that I am doing and why. Anyhow, the real thing with me is not mushy at all. For I have been a resident of a rough world most of my life. It is now time to be ‘mushy’ if you want to call it so. For myself, I call it ‘loving’ for lack of a better word. Because my Loving Father is the sole and grand Being of lovingness. So why not call Him Loving Father?

Let me now come to the moment of my doings. My focus is centered in:

  1. Optimizing my Book Blog. I have been distracted big time by the much need of money for even the bare necessities in my life. Much tired of imposing my needs on my children & friends. So? I had in mind to write and submit my writings for sale to obtain such monies and cease imposing on my children.
  2. Organizing my writings into worthy readings for the public not only to enjoy my writings but mainly for the public to benefit from the reading of such writings. I came to this point as I realized how much of a need it is to produce facts not hopes in order for any writing to be worthy of revenue.

So, that’s what I have been doing. Did I enthrall or enticed you to continue following yours truly as she continues her adventurous life? Now, where is Ahmad? How long have I been composing this ‘enthralling’ post? O well it is not even 10 am and I am already finished with this post. I have the long day ahead of me. Long and something to look forward to sink my focus to accomplish the above tasks.

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