The Point. What Is The Point? What Am I Doing? Twiddling My Thumbs, Messing With Words And Ideas To Find None Existent Answers? NAY! Read On …

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 12:17 am
Again, O my Father—O Father of mine, again Your timing is just amazing to me. On this midnight hour I find myself into Tim Miller’s posts. Tim just started following me. I just started following Tim. Or, are we following the One giving to us the anchor that is to sustain us in the near future days that have already started in the most subtle way? Here is a quote from his post, Help us Endure,

There are no answers, and answers are not the point. The point is that there’s a suffering person over there who’s wondering what you’re doing, twiddling your thumbs and messing with words and ideas.
In other words: stop talking, writing, thinking, and trying to quantify; stop trying to organize, stop bickering amongst religions and denominations, and stop putting down other scriptures with your own; stop trying to make sense, stop trying to systematize, stop refusing every one and every thing that doesn’t fit with what you believe.
Stop all of it and find meaning despite the lack of sense and reason and organization for so many things, and simply care, simply help, simply help us all endure.

Wow! Exactly the message from the Father/Creator to His wayward children scattered in the four corners of these earthly grounds.
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 1:05 am
Well, this day is marching on. Me? Been marching all over the email replies hoping to make some sense of all that is going on. Sheer nonsense! No need to make sense of the nonsense that surrounds us all. Meaning in whatever state I am is all it counts. Meaning?

2. An interpreted goal, intent, or end: “The central meaning of his pontificate is to restore papal authority” (ConorCruise O’Brien).
3. A sense of importance or purpose: When he became a teacher, he felt that his life had meaning.

Alright, now the question is, how did I come to such meaning in whatever state am I? Not by my own power or cleverness, that’s for sure. But, meaning in whatever state I am is now ingrained within my being by the power of love from on high, period. No merit of my own whatsoever. All doings of the Father/Creator for His good reason that I do not understand. Therefore, I am not going to explain. Father knows best.
BTW There comes a time, a worst of times in our lives when we tend to lose faith and question even the existence of our Creator. I am going through such times. Like the human that I am, I questioned my Father/Creator. Why not? His Presence is within my being. He is real to me by all means & purposes. I do not understand or I cannot brag about understanding or knowing Him but, He knows me better than I know myself. That’s not a brag. That’s the fact according to His written words.
So, what am driving at? I am driving at the fact that I am living by Tim’s words only, by the power of love from on high. Honestly, it is only by such a power that one can,

“Stop all of it and find meaning despite the lack of sense and reason and organization for so many things, and simply care, simply help, simply help us all endure.”
Indeed, I simply care. Why? Because that’s the way it is by the design & purpose of our Creator as per His words to me quoted in previous posts,

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