Only it is all symbolically written. For I have read that passage countless times without having the effect that it did as I read it this time. This was an incident like the time when Yahushua was sleeping in the boat’s cabin. A storm was raging. The disciples woke Him in panic. Yahushua calmed the storm. This incident happened after the disciples had witnessed the mighty miracles Yahushua performed.

Same in this passage. Yahushua fed the 5000 with one loaf of bread. Then He sent the disciples away but He went to the mountains to pray or to be alone with the Father. While the disciples were sailing to the other side of the lake a storm developed. Yahushua was in the mountains praying but, He knew they were in trouble so He came to them walking on water. Peter asked for proof that it was Yahushua by letting Peter walk in water as well. Peter walked on the water but, when he saw the waves he panicked!

Exactly what is happening to me on this moment of my journey. I have put my foot forward to earn money with my writing skills. Something like walking on water to me—an impossible feat to conquer. But, Father leads me all the way. Father is making things happen for this impossible matter to materialize for me.

Even so, my Internet is cut just when I am waiting to hear about a great opportunity to get in with Reader’s Digest. Thus, I have thrown a fit of doubt. Fear that all things Father has promised to me are not true. I have taken my eyes off my Father. I have placed my eyes on the possibility of still doing things by the power of my mind—the waves that distracted my gaze from my Father to myself or the possibility of doing things by the power of my mind. So, I am beginning to drawn. Wow! SAVE ME MASTER! Up went my cry. Down came the extended hand of my saving Master.

O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart, is there an end to My thoughts and loving care about and for you? I know you. Even before your natural birth, I knew you. I was there when you were being formed in the womb of your mother. Even before your natural birth, I scheduled each day of your life.

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