Why Look Around In Terror? No Need! …

Wow! “Poor Basilia”‘s life is coming to fruition. No kidding, read on…

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 10:29 am
Why look around in terror when You, O my Father—O Father of mine are telling me not to do so? Why doubt Your solemn promise to help me in difficult times? Perhaps the times are not as difficult as they seem to be? O my Father—O Father of mine, help me to reason with You. Deliver me from this monologue of mine.

I see what the people is doing—struggling to make a living. Am I not doing or attempting to do the same thing? I ponder and wonder. How long am I to endure this carnal self of mine?

Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 8:56 pm
You see what goes on, O my Father—O Father of mine? Satan is coming after my belongings. He is destroying everything that can be destroyed. The few dishes I enjoy are almost all gone. Now my cherished new kettle is burnt. The electric burner failed—thanks for preventing a fire while I slept.

I know You are in control of Satan. He cannot do any more than what You allow him to do. Now, what do You require of this child of Yours? Unless You empower me to do whatever is to be done, You know that I can do nothing. Rather, I refuse to do anything not coming from You. I am willing to abide by Your will not mine.

To top it all, I am cold. The promised hitter has not yet materialized. Everything boils down to take care of me; you have to wait until tomorrow but, tomorrow never comes. I am weary of my carnal-self. In fact, I am fed up with the carnal-self in me and in others. We are concerned only with that ugly me and forget about thee! We make our own beds but we don’t want to lay on those. Yes! I am full to the brim. But You know all about it. So what’s the sense in the whole matter? What’s the use to kick against the pricks?

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