What It Means To Exercise Your Power – To Remain Humble – To Really Reject Self-Exaltation?

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Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 12:44 pm
To exercise the power of the Almighty means to risk one’s life. To remain humble means one can exclaim after the fact, “Hey! I am still alive! One blow from that giant could have caused my last breath on these earthly grounds!”

What about rejecting self-exaltation. When the blows succeed and one did not perish, one is not to get any ideas of setting one’s self to do it over again. Shall one give way to such grandiose ideas? Phew!

So many have given way to such ideas. The result? None other than the predicament of the human kind now. For the human tendency is to follow the strong of the kind.

Me? Ha! So many times, I have risked my life and come up smelling like a rose. Do I go back to repeat the matter on my own? Perish the thought. I have a healthy fear of the Almighty. Should I act on my own at any time? The Almighty shall turn His head. He will abandon me to the wiles of my own carnal self in the control and dominion of Satan himself. I know. I tried it before.

Under such control & dominion, there is no peace or comfort to be found by the child of the Almighty. Regardless all the riches & fame or the lack of them, the child of the Almighty, cannot be satisfied.

Even so, as a rule, the child of the Almighty sets up to find carnal satisfaction—self-exaltation at the least provocation to do so. There is always all kinds of ways to find something resembling satisfaction but! For the real thing—genuine satisfaction? It is only found in the Almighty’s house—the home for His children.

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