Why The Altercations? Why This? Why That? Behold! The Power Of Love From On High! Questions Halted….

We been through a lot but! Father is in control of it all. I wrote the following email the day you sent me a reply with your comment about me buying a heater instead of honey as the money was meant to be for. I did not send it. Why? It was not time to send it. It is now time. Even more, it will be posted for the benefit of many. For it follows into place with what is happening in our world and what Father is doing with it.


The carnal self always wants to have the last word. Am I having the last word? Spare me the gruesome details. Whether your last word or mine, got nothing to do with nothing. Who cares? The fact is that we have to live with our carnal self. We are so ridiculous. Why tell me about my carnal self? why accuse me? O yes, I know you have the ‘right’ excuse for all your doings. It does not matter. None of your answers matter.

I do not call you to get such stupid remarks. I call you to share how Father takes care of my carnal self’s struggles to control myself and everybody else. If you feel threatened by my doings, that’s your prerogative. No need to continue sharing. We are only blowing smoke. No spiritual benefit.  My carnal self gets offended but! His nature in me causes me to see how my carnal self gets not only offended but also angry, disgusted, discouraged, frustrated, Why? Because I do not want to see anyone jealous, envious, competitive, judgemental always pleading to be good, always claiming to know.

I refuse to know anything! I told you all that! So, what’s for me to do about it? Recognize it. Expose it. The sooner I recognize & expose it? that’s the minute the nature of our Father shines forth. You don’t believe me? Your carnal reasoning no longer matters. Think whatever you want to think. Make your own deductions. Whatever you approve, disapprove, agree or disagree I could care less! I do not need any of it! That’s honest anger. Because you are attacking the Father’s nature in me! You are challenging me to doubt the integrity of my confessions. You are challenging me to confuse His nature in me with my wicked carnal nature.  Father knows it. He is my Vindicator. May He bless you with an insight of that sickening ‘politeness’ that so disgusts not only me but anyone that has any sense of being real & genuine.

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