So It Goes Between Pat & I. Thirty Years To Be Exact. Thirty Years Of Turning Away And Coming Forward. Hahaha! HalleluYah!

So it goes between Pat & I. Thirty years to be exact. Thirty years of turning away and coming forward. She is gentle. I am rough. She is ‘polite’. I am blunt. Regardless! Whether Pat is closest to the Father than yours truly? That’s none of my business. Yahushua tells me, “You follow Me!” So, as He commands me to do He also empowers me to obey Him without any reservation at all!

Anyhow, it came to me to call Pat. I had my reservations but! I called! Cheerful Pat! So happy to hear from…O well! Me? “Just find that Scripture for me Pat!” Weary of the world’s cheer despite the horrors at our door. How can I return a cheerful attitude? Nay! No use!

Go to sleep. Wake up refreshed & comfortable. Check emails. Pat’s email again. Let’s see what she has for me. Hope is good. Ah! Not bad! Not bad at all. Quote,

Leaves. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that they

must be important, since Jeshua created them.

From Genesis, when “they sewed fig leaves together,”

to Revelation, where ‘the leaves of the trees were for the

healing of the nations.”

I stayed with Revelation.

At first they were used to hide their shame. But then they

will have a therapeutic effect to bring healing and bring whatever

is necessary to meet a need.

To plant figuratively, to establish,

authorize teachers or their doctrines; to plant the gospel.

Hum! Perfect for the project You are inspiring me to work on! How ‘bout that? And You are have given to Pat the pivot point of the project! Hahaha! HalleluYah! That makes me sing joyful melodies of gratitude to You my Father/Creator, my Redeemer—Yahushua Messiah, my Master and Owner of my being.

On to work on the project. How long it will be until my next post? Maybe tomorrow I’ll post what I have recorded previously but not posted. We’ll see.

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  1. Very thought provoking perspective regarding the “fig leaves”…a very interesting read 🙂

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