O Well! Done Lost Track Of What I Posted Or Not. Here We Go. A Long One To Amuse Ye All? Nay! To Amuse Only ‘You’—Especial One Reader Of Every Line I Post! Enjoy!

Now, does the fact that I have directed you to this site means that you are to join to them and practice life as they do? By no means! Ah?

My child, in the last few months I have been putting the final touches in the transformation of your inner being and you have become more stable & firm in your relationship with Me.

Even so, do not fathom that I am finished with you and you have no more need to grow into the knowledge of My ways! By far My final touches will continue to be the norm of life for you from now on.

What am I talking about? O My child, you delight My being! Why? Because as I see the work I have and I am performing within you I see that it is a good work and I can go on to the next stage in My work within you!

So, I sent you to this Torah site not only for you to learn the meaning of your dream but also for you to learn about My reasons for letting you do all things in the way that you have been doing them all of your life.

So far I have shown you in many different ways and occasions that My written words are nothing else but examples for you to learn to hate the ways of the flesh of mankind and learn to love My ways! How is that so?

Well, My child, take for an example the impulsive way by which you have been doing things up until now. Such ways by no means meet the approval from the society of mankind!

But, when it comes to My approval? It’s granted to you 100% because you live in My Presence and I hold the key to your innermost being, thus I know you and I see in you My esteem & honor which not many are able to see in you.

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