O Well! Done Lost Track Of What I Posted Or Not. Here We Go. A Long One To Amuse Ye All? Nay! To Amuse Only ‘You’—Especial One Reader Of Every Line I Post! Enjoy!

And so as I brought you to this site I directed your attention to the passage when Dinah—Jacob’s only daughter was raped and her two brothers avenged her.

And now you can see that this is a passage that equates to your impulsive way of following My instructions at the cost of your own reputation because such ways do not meet the approval of mankind.

Thus, My child, what the writer of the following paragraph states is exactly the meaning that I am conveying to you at this moment of time.

As Shimon and Levi replied to Jacob, the situation that prompted their action did not allow them the luxury of rational consideration of its consequences.

The integrity of Israel was at stake, and the brothers of Dinah could give no thought to their own person—not to the jeopardy of their physical lives, nor to the jeopardy of their spiritual selves by the violence and impropriety of their deed. In the end, their instinctive reaction, coming from the deepest place in their souls—deeper than reason, deeper than all self-consideration—was validated; G-d condoned their deed and came to their assistance.

This is the message that the Torah wishes to convey when establishing the age of reason and the obligation of mitzvot. Rare is the person who is called upon to act as did Shimon and Levi. This is not the norm; indeed, the norm forbids it. But the essence of their deed should permeate our rational lives. Our every mitzvah should be saturated with the self-sacrifice and depth of commitment that motivated the brothers of Dinah.


Ha! Ha! HalleluYah! The ‘bipolar’ label that the world saddled on me was nothing else but a hoax to keep me from doing what the world considers ‘insane’ but, in the eyes of my Father the insanity of my behavior was only to subdue one of His chosen vessels!

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