I Know Something About You …

Many Days To Prepare. At Last! The Show Continues. Put Aside All Distractions. Get Settle In The Comfort Of Your Privacy. Watch…

Innovative Approach To Conquer Mental Insanity Permanently & Forever. New Episode.

I Know Something About You …

Here is what I know about you: You are a beautiful person. You have a heart and a passion for helping people. You are a Physician. People trusts you because you serve them well.

Even so, you are troubled with your inability to provide a permanent cure for the curse of the pain and ill health and Mental Insanity that wrecks your patients’ lives.

  • In fact, Mental Insanity has been the cause of much pain & frustration in your life. You search all over for a cure to help the afflicted to no avail. How do I know so much about you? I know it because I was your patient for many years.

My heart went out to you, but! My insanity kept me aloof from you. You were the doctor. I was the patient. Twelve years into our doctor/patient relationship,

  • I dropped on the floor. My neighbor happened by. She summons the ambulance. The Emergency Room. The Emergency workers. Regaining consciousness. The solution bottle dripping life into my blood.
  • Admittance to the hospital. It is the weekend. You are not on duty. Your partner’s visit. He looks at my chart. He exclaims,

“Who put you on the no salt diet?”

I answered, “Your partner.” Silence. Then he added,

“She is the best.” Pause. “You poisoned yourself with water. Your sodium level went to the fatal stage. But it’s OK now. You’ll be fine.” He left.

  • In shock, I remained in the hospital for the whole weekend recuperating from my near-death experience.

Sad memories of a past that is no more for me. At that time, I could not do anything to alleviate the pain & misery that wrecked the lives of your patients, but now? O the wealth I aim to share with you in this letter!

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