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Dear readers, since Father spoke those words to me, you have not an idea of the multitude of things bombarding my mind none stop until a couple of days ago. Father gave me a glimpse of what is coming in the near future.

Such glimpse has brought me a confirmation of His previous words to me. The best part about is that now I am 100% convinced, nothing is as it seems to be. Father’s ways & thoughts are far above our thoughts & ways. From a previous post I quote,

“Poor Basilia”! the Almighty Loving Father/Creator gives her a glimpse of restored areas to house the chosen while waiting for Yahushua’s return. Areas beaming with organic fields yielding vegetables & fruits free from harming chemicals to our minds & bodies. Flowering gardens for the bees to produce honey for the survival of the chosen. Areas where the chickens and the goats and the cows are not injected with chemicals geared to slowly kill the chosen, but! “Poor Basilia” is only able to see the impossibility of it all.

Ha! Today, for sure, no more thinking of such a thing as impossible. In my heart, there rings a melody of love & hope & certainty. Waiting now expectantly for what is to happen even the next minute.

Hum! “Poor Basilia”, all she can do is hope for the honey craving to go aawayy! “Poor Basilia” such immensity developing in the invisible but! She is stuck without honey! Will she overcome such craving? For sure, until she does, there will be no honey!

Ha ha ha! Who knows? Father might cause that craving to go away. Then, the honey to appear after all! Hahaha! HalleluYah! His power of love from on high never fails. It always avails even in the most minute wantings of His obedient children.


  1. thia Basilia our creator’s own Energizer Bunny™ – PowerSuit – YouTube

    You continue with your positive power. Do not quit! Sooner or later Satan will just blow a fuse. Our Father on high will return with all his power and glory. Best wishes, be well and blessed. Leland

  2. Will write later. Need to go across the border for visa purpose. Will get back to you when back. Much love, thiaBasilia 🙂

  3. Hi ThiaBasilia,

    I just read your proposal. It is a blessing. Keep sharing what the lord is speaking to your heart.
    Much blessings

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