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The comment caused my disturbance because I thought the comment was addressed to me and my struggle to earn money with my writing. I felt guilty unnecessarily. Just because I struggle does not mean than I am guilty of anything.

In fact, my struggle is only part of the whole of what I write. The meat in what I write is how the Father/Creator deals with all my struggles. Countless souls are aware of such fact. They let me know it with their likes and followings and comments in the blog and in Facebook. Here is the comment:

Abe Jones

To me  Mar 29 (5 days ago)

Abe Jones has left a new comment on the post “The Barefoot Writer’s Club“:

It’s unrealistic to believe that there is a welcoming support group of like minded people out there just waiting for you to knock on the door so they can provide you with everything you need to fulfill your dreams. It is even more foolish to become angry when it turns out to be a transaction that requires resources and effort on your part. Success in anything requires work and faith.

Ha! This comment is not about me or my intent to create United Kindred Spirits.org.

In fact, this is an encouraging comment because of the last line: “Success in anything requires work and faith.” WOW! Thanks, O my Father—O Father of mine? Thanks for delivering me from my own programmed mind to react instead of reflecting on the matter and then respond with Your wisdom from on high.

Dear Reader, I know you understand the meaning of this addendum to the Sacred Proposal. I am back on the saddle of trust & confidence on our Father/Creator.

He is working all things for our good. Of that I am 100% sure, by the preponderance of His doings in my life on the daily basis, even on the moment to moment basis.


  1. thia Basilia our creator’s own Energizer Bunny™ – PowerSuit – YouTube

    You continue with your positive power. Do not quit! Sooner or later Satan will just blow a fuse. Our Father on high will return with all his power and glory. Best wishes, be well and blessed. Leland

  2. Will write later. Need to go across the border for visa purpose. Will get back to you when back. Much love, thiaBasilia 🙂

  3. Hi ThiaBasilia,

    I just read your proposal. It is a blessing. Keep sharing what the lord is speaking to your heart.
    Much blessings

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