Naked Truth In A Silver Platter…Curious?

Father? O my Father—O Father of mine? You always show me the way out of my slumps into a grumpy attitude. So this time You reminded me those written words from ancient times. How do I apply those words to what’s happening now in my midst?

Pause. Reflect. O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart? Pause & reflect on what I have shown you while you sleep, aka, the black smoke churning over an structure and you hiding behind an open door, pointing to your pink shoes sticking out under the door, saying to someone: “They going to find me! My pink shoes are sticking out!”

  • My child, the next vision? I showed you an small man dressed in black wearing a black wide brim felt hat likened to the hat the pilgrims wore.
  • That man was walking towards the back of a building. It seemed to you like the family was gathered or lived in the back of that building.
  • The location was nice & clean. It was a familiar place but you do not remember exactly where or what or why the place was familiar.
  • Even so, the man & the place remains vivid in your mind. Indeed!
  • My child, that man is you. The place? The same location or stage of your life now lived in My Presence. No more debris in the way to accomplish My purpose for your life’s journey on these earthly grounds.

I am well aware of your strait circumstances of the moment. Earlier on this day I have made especially for you, you asked,

  • Father? I know You are waiting for me. But I do not know what You are waiting for? I don’t know what or how to do anything.
  • Perhaps I am just wimping because all things right now out of my control?
  • Show me the way to repentance.
  • Show me the way out of this grumpy attitude.
  • You are my Master. I have relinquished all my rights to You. Like a child to her/his parents, so I come to You to take care of me.
  • Return unto me the joy of my deliverance from darkness into light.

You know I am disturbed as I see the great majority of human beings abiding in this world darkness illuminated only by the fickle beam of their minds.

  • Some are great beams.
  • Some lesser ones but!
  • Each and all humans are content basking in that personal beam of their lifestyle.

Multitudes traveling a world over, for what? Once a upon a time such was my aspiration. Now? I am appalled. Why? Perhaps, just perhaps, so are You, my Father?

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