Naked Truth In A Silver Platter…Curious?

“Ah! My child, what was I waiting for? A moment ago, while fixing yourself a coffee brew, you exclaimed,

  • “So what if I get this building and fix it to my liking?
  • So what if I get all the things I think I need to take care of my health?
  • So what if I get all kinds of beautiful things to make my life a pleasure?
  • So what if I don’t get anything at all?

I Still Shall Worship And Trust And Depend On You Now & Forever!”



The Gift…

Wow! No sooner all of this took place between You and me, Ahmad on the line. He has a gift for me! Wow! How am I to contain myself until tonight to behold my gift? Wow!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 10:35 pm

Thanks, my Father. My day is ending in a good note. My gift is so especial—two dessert roses (cactus) in a silver vase. Plus, 3 jars of honey! What a blessing. Most certainly, it’s a gift from You!

Thanks, my Father. Bless Ahmad. Deliver him from the financial pressure he is under. Also, restore his health. Nothing is impossible unto You. O great and Mighty Yah.

Pause. Reflect. O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart? Pause & reflect. Going back to what I showed you in the previous vision, the black smoke churning over a structure and you hiding behind an open door, pointing to your pink shoes sticking out under the door, saying to someone: “They going to find me! My pink shoes are sticking out!”

Indeed! O My child, My Spirit is hovering over the life experience you share through the waves of the Internet. Thus, My Spirit is touching many souls far beyond the scope of your imagination.

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