Naked Truth In A Silver Platter…Curious?

Soon, even now, they (your readers & followers) are going to find the open Door to My Kingdom because your pink shoes are sticking out.

Meaning of the colors in your dreams, as per My servant Carol Nemitz—Collection of Prophetic Meanings of Colors by Carol Nemitz

BLACK: the color of Joseph’s, Ephraim’s and Manasseh’s tribal stone and flag: ONYX. The double blessing. Some say the onyx is flesh colored or tan, either way a “burning to black ashes” is necessary.

  • Black is the result of FIRE. God is A Consuming Fire. God’s Kingdom requires that the fleshly nature of man must burn away (be crucified and sacrificed and circumcised) in other words a dying, a burning creation of ashes in order for us to come close.
  • Jesus showed us how this is done when He died on the cross in obedient yieldedness to the Father. His Love for us draws us to and through the “fire” of the cross.
  • He wants us to experience the blackness so we can appreciate His beautiful GARDEN that happens when He is Present.
  • Black is God’s THUNDERING VOICE creating beauty from the Ashes of Repentance. Black is saying “I need You God” and denounces our independence from God.
  • The two edged Sword of God’s Voice pierces our darkness and cuts away the spiritual foreskin, the fleshly nature in our souls, the old man which are enemies to His Word and Work in our lives….these all become ashes (BLACK) under our feet: End of Black quote.

Your pink shoes: PINK (LIGHT RED) Includes attributes of White and Red. Holy Awakening: New Birth, the Womb, The Breath of Mercy being BORN: a new Priest being awakened into sanctification.

  • Pink calls for the Priesthood of God to awaken in us.
  • Pink speaks of ministry unto the Master. The Priest’s garments were white and often got splattered with BLOOD.
  • Although it may be rinsed off it would look pink until the end of their shift. It was the mark of Priesthood because it meant they were doing their job of ministering to the Master the Sacrifice He required.
  • Today, He requires us to present Yahushua as the sacrifice.

FUCHSIA (DARK PINK) Fiery Electric Mercy, the PASSION of Mercy erupting in loud musical Passionate PRAISES! Psalms 149:3

  • This color is the color of Joy and the Womb of Intercession and worship where the Almighty’s fruit is conceived.
  • This color imparts ears to hear how Wise our Almighty is, how Beautiful He is and how much the bride desires for the fruit in her womb (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, etc) to LOOK LIKE Him!!!
  • This color speaks of conception and spiritual pregnancy and the passion between the Almighty of the Universe becoming the Bridegroom to the Bride (the mature and complete church).
  • The INTENSITY of the priest’s covenant with the Father brings forth a fruitful conception in the heart of the mature believer.
  • This color is LOUD and gives VOICE to the deep desires of the Bride of Christ (the mature church in union with Christ) becoming fulfilled and satisfied.
  • This is the color of the inner chambers of the Almighty’s Secret places: His Heart.
  • His heart is for us to know Him intimately enough to become pregnant with the Seed of His Word and give birth to His plans and purposes in this earth.
  • This Fuchsia Color is what it looks like inside the deep, deep inner workings of the organs of the Almighty’s Body and the passion that erupts from seeing His LIGHT and TRUTH shine through.


Meaning Of Your Gift…

Are you beginning to see, My child? O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart, eyes have not seen nor ears heard nor have entered into the mind of mankind what I have prepared for those who listen to My voice.

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