Naked Truth In A Silver Platter…Curious?


Me? I Do Not Worry About Food Or Drink Or Clothes But!?….

Dear Reader, in my book or way of thinking? I do not worry about food or drink or clothes but! That’s when I am so concentrated in what Spirit of the Father/Creator is instructing me to record for all the chosen at large. When I take a break? Ha! I don’t have this or that? Man! What to do? I begin to worry. I begin to think, what can I do to get some of this or that? that’s when I heard that lovely voice, “Concentrate on what you have. Forget about what you don’t have.”

Alright, I do well until, I go where I have access to all that I don’t have, then? I get the best of the best but, there is always an end to the money stash at my disposal and, “I couldn’t get this or that or…?” Goodness sake, woman! Get a hold of yourself! Is there an end to your wants?

Dear Reader, why am going on with my wants and ways? To make a point about, why am I disturbed with the lack of response to the Sacred Proposal? Because though there is lack of funds to take care of many personal needs in the family, in no way shape or form I am asking for help to take care of my own personal needs. The truth of the matter is that I am quite comfortable, no need for a lot of the things I consider to be a need I’m finding out they are not.

So, Why Am I Asking For Donations? Donations, yes, I am asking for donations to initiate the mighty project in the mind of our Father/Creator. Yes, donate but! Not to help thiaBasilia to engage herself in a frivolous life style. Indeed! thiaBasilia is free from such a life. Much to write about this matter. Bed time. Will continue when awake.

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