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  • The number one essential to write for the Web and get paid to do it.

So, I need clarity to express the purpose for my writing.

  • I am not writing for business.
  • I am writing for people.

What kind of people am I writing for?

  1. I am writing for the leaders of the people both spiritual and secular leaders. Leaders willing to examine their successes or failures against the Almighty Creator of our beings’ ways & order of His Ten Commandments.
  2. I am writing for the religious people with enough insight to see how in the zeal to help the second over the first commandment is practiced. That is base for the colossal failure of all the efforts to turn the world around.
  3. I am writing for people willing to see the insanity of the systems & ways both religious & secular programmed in our human minds.
  4. I am writing for moral and intelligent people, regardless of their beliefs or non-beliefs, willing to humbly evaluate their set righteous & moral lifestyles against the will and order of the commandments of the Creator of our beings.
  5. I am writing for people looking for something better than what they got.
  6. I am writing for open minded people willing to learn more than to teach.
  7. I am writing for people willing to evaluate their ways. To humbly consider the possibility for change.
  8. I am writing for people, including myself willing to listen before they conclude erroneously about any person or situation.
  9. I am writing for people willing to give more than to take.
  10. I am writing for people willing to step out of the box of worldly & religious ways & systems.
  11. I am writing for people fed up with the system, searching for something better.
  12. I am writing for people fed up with their own selves, searching for a way out of their staunch opinions and ideas and obsessions and aberrations and all the junk programmed in the human mind.
  • The secret virtue in all of this is our humility.
  • Are you interested?
  • Do you fit in any of those categories mentioned? If So,

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