Don’t Pass Your Opportunity!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 11:41 am

O my Father—O Father of mine? This day marks a day You have been preparing me for many a day or even years.

  • A day of perfect detachment from this world systems of beliefs and social ethics.
  • I have been dabbing into this issue for a long time but!
  • Now, is settled in my mind & heart.
  • I am looking at things as per Your business not anymore, my business.

Your wisdom from on high avails me big time. What does it mean? My reactions have switched. My now reactions portray:

  • Wisdom instead of emotions.
  • Sober-mindedness instead of a fancy-foolishness.
  • Steadiness instead of shiftiness.
  • Genuineness instead of hypocritical.

All has not happened overnight. Indeed! It took years to develop.

  • I did not know it was to take years to develop.
  • When I was seventeen up to a few month ago, I thought I had arrived many of times, but! Hardly.
  • His unfathomable wisdom only gives one little portion at a time.
  • Each little portion makes one feel like one has arrived!

Hum! Funny, funny, funny. Each little portion makes one’s head swell up with euphoric emotions until it explodes in disaster!

  • The disaster of obnoxiousness to the max.

You don’t believe me? Only take a look at the myriad of religions and churches and temples of worship and groups and ministries and ministers and what have you,

  • Each with a little portion of the truth.
  • Each struggling to supersede the other.
  • Each claiming to possess the whole truth.
  • Each aiming to proselyte the whole world.
  • All leading to the present disastrous condition of the world and its inhabitants.
  • We have reverted to the dark days of the Catholic Inquisition. Period.

Father? You know all this to be the truth. You have revealed these things to me only to show me the immensity of the problem against all human efforts to resolve such problem. What is next?

  • The spectacular show of Your power.
  • Power to place an old woman in the position to raise a half million dollars to begin Your project to populate the desserts of Jordan with organic farms.
  • That is power!
  • Better yet, the power to transform this emotional instable person that I was into a wise, sober-minded, steady, genuine one that now I am?
  • That’s the power of Your love from on high. It never fails. It always avails!

What is to happen next? I don’t know. You know. It is none of my business what You have in mind for anything or anyone else but me. I continue to fulfill my task, write & publish & optimize. The rest is Your business. I worship You.

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