Either I Tell The Righteous Or The Unrighteous Or Their Blood Be In My Hands. Away With The Fear Of Man!

I read a post about Ruth. I started to hit a ‘like’ but then, I hit the ‘unlike’. Why? Because Your grieving in my heart, O my Father. How can we let our minds and imaginations about Your words take over our lives?

The post is headlined as a Bible fact, but! The content of it is not a fact at all! The fact is that these so-called facts have been programmed in our minds. the program was seared in the minds of our birth from the moment, Adam & Eve ate from the forbidden tree,

But You know all of that my Father. You quickened me to read that post for a definite reason. What that reason be? What can I write to wake up Your people? Ah! I hear You!

“Only remind My people of the words of the Messiah—the One I sent to you all to bring you all to repentance. Quote the Messiah’s words. I will do the rest.”

O my Father, I have quoted those words over and over again in vain. Your people refuse to hear. But at Your Word, I will quote them again. May it all be done according to Your will.

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Friday, May 26, 2017 at 2:25 pm

When the sun bites. With the many ‘sunny’ sites. When the bee stings. With the many songs of glorious sings. When my heart the attitude painfully pins. I simply remember my Father’s lovely things. Let them reign within.

When I’m feeling grey. When things are not going my way. When the muscles pull. And the pain is sharp not dull. I simply remember my Father up above. He gifts me the flowers of His love. He places them in my heart. That’s just to start. To start my part. My part to impart the flowers of His love up above. His love up above for us down below.

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