Gems In A Garden…

On June 20, 1985 in a transitory and brief moment my life was recapped and flashed on the screen of my imagination. I had seen how and why I had learned as much as I had come to learn about any subject; even though, I had been born, raised and lived under adversity most of my life.

In the Book of Philippians, in the above Chapter 4, verses 4-9 is written the reason why I learned. In the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 59, is written the reason why I lived under adversity most of my life, and why I had been groping along all of my life, lost in broad daylight.

And yes, as it is written in the Book of Isaiah Chapter 59, verse 16, the Lord Himself stepped in to save me through His mighty power and justice, that morning in June.

On the morning of June 20 of the year of the Master 1985, I got up at 3 am to study. I was immersed in a writing lesson. I was learning the techniques of writing. I had avail myself of much reference material to study. All of a sudden! I realized how much I was learning and how tremendously I enjoyed learning.

I set down my lesson and I allowed my thoughts to drift to myself. That’s when I came to realize what had been happening in my life.

I remembered when I first learned how to read. I remembered all the key persons that had contributed to my education.  In the screen of my imagination I saw my home where I was born and lived for the first nine years of my life.

In a moment of time I saw how much I had learned and how I had managed to learn.

I saw all of the places where I have been to get an education. I also saw the school of “hard knocks,” where I got most of my adult education. And I saw the key persons, “the understanding hearts” that I met, who led me through that most intriguing institution.

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