Fresh Start! He Chose… And! He Chose To Impact The World With The Work HE Done In My Life.

Fresh Start  A Booklet. I will use this booklet to open many eyes and unplug many ears.


I Go On…

Despite It All I Go On!

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Monday, June 26, 2017 at 6:46 am

INDEED! DESPITE MY own skepticism and all the sceptics in this world? I am going on. Nothing can deter me from His purpose for my life.

Not my doubts and fears. Not the most reasonable deductions from the human mind. Not the most brilliant scholars. Not the most popular and sought after inspired human beings. Not even the most enticing practices and beliefs swiping the spiritual atmosphere.

Neither death nor life. Nor angels or principalities. Nothing, nothing at all can deter His purpose for my life.

I been writing the comment You gave to me in reply to Mathias comment. Here it is. How faithful You are.

Excellent description of my own skepticism. Even so, despite it all, I have to obey the leading of the Father/Creator of our beings. His Spirit leads me. For the last ten years His Spirit has led me to do things totally against my own judgement. I argue, if I do that I am going to get killed. He answers, Are you willing to obey me regardless your cost? I obey. I come back. I been kicked, punched, spit on my face. I say, You see? He says, “Your obedience is a delight to My Being. My delight in your obedience is your strength.”

No more arguing. I obey. Now? United Kindred Spirits Organization? Oh no! I’ll be thrown in with the rest! But, over and over I am told, “Write & publish & optimize what I give you. I will do the rest.”

So, O dear Mathias, I go on. In fear of HIm alone, I go on. My reward? Little by little He is revealing to me His progress. Progress in restoring us. Progress in uniting us. Progress in preparing us for the inevitable future to engulf the globe.

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