Fresh Start! He Chose… And! He Chose To Impact The World With The Work HE Done In My Life.

Alright, alright! Got to get to work! Let’s see, where was I?

Ah! Let me start from the beginning, but! I just can’t keep my eyes opened. Got to get me some sleep…wake up?

Start the whole routine of distractions over again!

Did I finish formatting LOVE—The End Of The Matter…The Power Of Love.

NAY! But guess what? Father is in control. I have not finished anything I have promised to finish until, now!

Now is the time to finish Fresh Start! Phew! Did I finish it? NAY! Father is declaring it finished with His blessing,

Rejoice, O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart, rejoice! This is truly your Fresh Start on to a blissful eternity!

Me? Dear Reader, from the moment I woke up this morning been doing nothing but, a lot of thinking and reconsidering matters.

The situation between Ahmad and I is constantly in my mind. The more I purpose to ignore Ahmad’s antics, the more Ahmad gives me fuel to explode because of such antics.

No sooner we get on to good graces, we are all peaches and cream for a day or so, then? Ahmad no more. Two, maybe three or more days, ‘where is Ahmad?’

All kinds of possibilities both good and bad running through my mind, until last night. Rather until the moment I came to the closing of Fresh Start.

He came over last night. A pitiful sight! He thinks he got the flu this time. Two days in his room because he does not want to contaminate the baby.

He got no power to even stand up. How he managed to climb 4 floors of stairs? Go figure it! But, he came to talk about money. That’s enough to give him power to raise up from the dead! Hahaha! Anyhow, he no longer gets to me with all his dramatics.

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