Where Are Ye All At In This World Of Insanity?

He gave me a new life. He set me free from my religious life. He began a radical transformation of my being. It took 32 years to develop my transformation, but! This 2017 year He declared it to be finished.

I observe the present of so many of my people, once living a religious and righteous life, it leaves me dumbfound. Why? Because, I also observe the many that have been burnt by religion. They are angry, but! They can’t acknowledge that anger. So, they abandon their concept of ‘God’. They resolve to find a way to happiness for themselves. There is where so many stand at the present time—happy but away from the Almighty Creator of our beings.

Even so, I now rejoice because, Father reveals to me every single day, the work He is doing in each one of His children’s heart. What a marvel to see!

How about you, my Friend? I read your posts. I sense a general connection among us all, but! Could we begin to personalize our connection? I appreciate Matthias comment. And! On the most personal way? I am so blown away with the connection with my daughter Denise.

Father has brought us back to each other after a long separation of about 10 long years. Ten years of intense pain, but!

  • Ten years precisely scheduled by the Master hand of our Father/Creator.
  • Am I or is she imposing upon me or I upon her?
  • Not at all!
  • Relating to each other not imposing is a more appropriate word to describe what is happening between us.

The same is happening with several of my readers that have commented on the posts. And that’s where I am at, my dear reader. We live in an INSANE WORLD. No two ways about. We all have our amazing moments in our lives. As I read your posts I am touched by your moments and I express it so in a comment sometimes.

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