Questions: In Plain Words Do You Believe Or Not In The Ever Existent One Sole Creator Of The Universe And All There In Including The Devil And Ourselves?

  • How Can You Be, Without A Progenitor?
  • Are We Just Molecules Made Up Of Atoms That Are Held Together By Chemical Bonds?
  • Who Created Those Things?
  • Where The Air That We Breathe Come From?
  • What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?
  • Where This Universe You So Freely Refer To Came From?
  • Do You Want Us Lazy Simpletons To Go To The Looney-Tooney-Bench When We Cannot Measure Up To Your Level Of Human Wisdom And The So Called ‘Spiritual Growth?
  • Does Not A Sense Of Reality Tells Us The Existence Of A Creator Of The Universe?

Posting the End of this post in case you do not feel inclined to read the whole ridiculousness of human wisdom from the human mind. Best stated by Albert Einstein:

Human Wisdom Against The Highest Wisdom. The Devil Does Not Exist? The Bible Is Not God’s Word? Hoopie!

Go ahead great scholar! Psychoanalyze. Label me psychopath. Ignore. Attack. Debate. Proselyte. Exhibit your brilliance as well as your distasteful hypocrisy. Read or Do not Read. Do. Not do. Let the simpletons be impressed with such ridiculous headlines. Me? I am not any longer a simpleton, but! I used to be one. Am I angry? Yes, and! I am NOT impressed at all! For I am now, just a joyful 5-year-old little girl skipping in the rain under the loving protection of the Father/Creator of my being, but before? The devil that you believe non-existent, literally, had his grip on me. I know first-hand the existence of that monster. It angers me for anyone to come up with such far out statements because of total ignorance of the front lines in the battle for eternal life that we are engaged in.

Friday, August 18, 2017 at 5:56 am.
Human reason sucks! DAN PEDERSEN. For a man that caught my attention with Godly sense is taking much out of me with his headlines, The Bible Is Not God’s Word, But It Contains Valuable Insights — Ignore The Devil. The Mind is the most valuable thing? Valuable? Yes! Valuable to carry on with the devil’s program in the minds of our birth.

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