Questions: In Plain Words Do You Believe Or Not In The Ever Existent One Sole Creator Of The Universe And All There In Including The Devil And Ourselves?

Ahmad’s loving protection just floods me! Of course, Yazeed came to get me and that was that. We fellowship for a while. Finally, I slept until around 7 am. I headed back to my roof retreat. On the way back, I witnessed a sad situation, at that early hour when all grownups sleep, two small children, a little boy and a little girl digging in the pile of rubbish in the corner of the building.

I came up to my place, fixed me a cup of coffee, headed for my roof to drink it and cried and cried! If I could, I would bring those two up here and adopt them into my care, but! that is something that has to come from You, O my Beloved Father. Should You make a way for me to mother those two? Here I am, send me!

In the meantime, I started my day by turning on the computer. It finished the updating from last night but, I had a notice that I needed to update drivers? I headed to Microsoft support for help. They did a super job in updating everything! Now my computer starts like lightening! All that taken care of, what’s next, O my Father? Alright! I’ll fix some eats. Then I’ll see what comes next.

Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 1:29 pm

Well, all chores are taken care of. I am now ready to continue with the subject at hand. What was it? O yeah, ‘Questions: In Plain Words,….’ I am raising the questions to the amazing blissful wave of finding the self along with peace, unconditional love in relation to the Universe? In that vein of finding, I read quite often all the steps to achieve one thing or the other. This time is, Top 12 Ways To Increase Willpower NOW—Self-Control Is an Incredible Tool for Success…’ and my jaw drops!

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