Our Creator Is Not A Christian, Jewish, Or Muslim. Is Not The Universe Either Or The Big Bang! Surprised? Maybe Not!

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thiaBasilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 4:39 am.

Religions. Theories. The truth? Religion and theories are the core of the insanity that plagues this world! Religion has created a god in the imagine of man—a Christian or a Jewish or a Muslim or a Catholic man.

In the name of this created ‘god’? People kills and be killed all in the name of love and faithfulness to such ‘god’! And ‘Theories’? That’s what they are! Just theories, nothing certain.

I die daily. Yes, I do, but! The kind of death I die? The death of my carnal nature. Oh? What am I talking about? I am talking about eternal reality.

Dear Reader, if you are a Christian, I am sure you have read, studied, and claimed to live by Romans 8 for sure. I know I did, but! I was far from living by it as I claimed to be.

Even more so, I observe people doing the same as I did: read, study and claim or appropriate the written words.

Guess WHAT? I was WRONG! There was no power in all that reading, studying and claiming!

But it took a lifetime for the Creator to extricate such misconceptions from my being!

“Goodness sake, my Father, why did You let me go on like a fool all my life? Why? Why? Why?”

Hum! O my Father, Your wisdom is unfathomable. You refrained from answering me until You saw fit to answer.

Now? You bring a fact to my mind, “The best fruit? That’s the fruit that ripens while it remains in the tree.”

Ah! I get it, my Father! You are the Tree of Life within my being. You had to let the fruit of that Tree ripen within me!

WOW! That makes sense. No more suspense. Now I know why. O mine! O mine! All is well with my soul, all is now fine.

  • Now I understand Romans 7 and Romans 8.
  • Now I do not have to read, to study, and to claim whatever I read or studied.
  • Now I don’t have to struggle to satisfy the demands of my flesh to be ‘good’ and to ‘look’ good in the sight of mankind.

The fruit is ripe in the Tree of life within me as You have declared it to be! It is written,

Romans 8:1-39

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