THE VEGAS MASSACRE! Several Articles Calling People To Reconsider Our Lives In View Of The Vegas Massacre. How Can We Do So? For The Most, We Do Not Yet Have An Alternative To The Good Lives We Are Now Living. Consider This Blog To Find Such Alternative.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 12:07 am.

Yes, indeed! Dear Reader, the Vegas massacre has torn many hearts. Several articles calling people to reconsider their lives. This is a commendable advice, but! I find myself thinking how useless such advice is because, in reconsidering our lives? We have not come to the point of finding a valid alternative to the self-improvement systems to reconsider our lives. What alternative am I talking about?

I am talking about the issue of the Higher Power. Yes, the principle of the Higher Power works for many souls, but! For the most? Such systems are doom to failure. Why? Because those systems are the product of our human minds. Multitudes are now beginning to realize such amazing phenomenon. Multitudes in the valley of decision.

Yes, the time is now to reconsider our lives. That’s where blogs similar to this one exist. Why? Because the human mind has reached the highest peak of beauty as well as the depth of corruption and evil. What this blog got to do with such matter?

Ha! Several of us have been destined to experience the highest peak of beauty as well as the depth of the corruption this world has to offer to all human beings. What is the purpose for our experience? To set us as examples of what the human mind can and cannot accomplish.

Despite all efforts the human being cannot balance the matter of good and evil. Therefore, we find ourselves struck with one horror after another. Each hit throws us into bewilderment, but! Nothing has been done to change the course of our lives. Why? TIMING!

Me? Here is a quote from previous writings. This quote clarifies the reason for our present predicament. Quote,

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