What Is The Deepest Longings In Your Heart? Time For Its Fulfillment Effortlessly. Just Let It Happen…Read On!

Indeed! In my dream, I huddled against the opposite wall from the door as the beautiful stallion and its rider entered my little apartment.
My first thought? How can it fit? Fear it might step on me.
Huddled against the wall, I watched the stallion head to my little kitchen turn around with much ease prance to the other end by the window and bed side never stepping or hurting me. Fear unfounded? Perhaps. What does it all mean, my Father?

The love of your life will come to you if the horse walks in a house – to dream of the horse, that walked in to the house, signifies the partner you will meet soon. This person will be someone who will play a very important role in your future;The horse symbolizes power, authority, and prosperity. Its tail represents the offspring and grandchildren.
• An Unknown Horse — Seeing an unfamiliar horse which he does not own nor mounts means that he is a man of good repute and high honor. If he sees such a horse entering his neighborhood or house it means a powerful and honorable person will make his appearance in that neighborhood or house.
• Accomplishment if the horse is saddled with the rider – to dream of the horse that has been saddled and had a rider or the dreamer was the rider himself, shows attainment, but only if the dreamer will take control in his hands and will do things completely;
• The horse also symbolizes the intellect, wisdom, wit, intellect, gentility, light, dynamic strength, agility, quickness of thought, running time.

Monday, October 9, 2017 at 12:24 pm.
Ha! It is coming to me. Your power, authority, and prosperity is already within my being! Will I ever meet someone replete with Your power, authority, and prosperity as it is the case with me? O but how I wish for it to be so! How I wish for a male companion mainly concerned with Your concerns rather than the ordinary futile affairs of this miserable world.
Monday, October 9, 2017 at 1:27 pm.
Father? I sense You have a definite message for me in these dreams. I muse over my human reactions. Of course, my mind wonders with all kind of possibilities. Only one huge problem. What problem? You know it my Father. I am stuck without incentive to continue with the two books You have led me to compile. I am waiting to put it all together with tangible results. It is of no use to continue under these conditions of lack and want even for the most insignificant supplies to properly function.

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