What Headlines Arrest Your Attention And Arouse Your Curiosity? Me? YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS IS STUPID…Had To Click!


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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 2:38 pm.

Had to click! Why? That’s the truth I know, that’s why? I am not called to debate. I am not called to express my opinion or agreement or disagreement about any issue presented to me. So? How do I get myself out of the pickles because of the naked truth about human beings expressed in the blogs?

Ha! Easy. By the power of love and wisdom from on high I quickly dismiss the matter for all the humor so richly found in the most precarious of circumstances. Humor? Not while the peak of the matter, but! As we grab on to the helping hand lifting us up and above the worst of the worst or even the best of the best.

So, there! I clicked the headline. What did I find? Actual proof of the human stupidity. The headline says it all, but! The great wise man (the philosopher), the scribe (the scholar), the investigator (the logician, the debater) of this present time and age have it all figured out. Only problem with this figuring? The unfathomable wisdom from on high is not their figuring!

Me? I ain’t got any answers per say! Because the only One that has all the answers has not seen fit to entitled me with the answering department in His world!

Even so, I finally got tired of looking for answers and began to look for the One that has the answers for all our individual predicaments!

Ha! That ONE was not hard to find because He was waiting for me all the time that I was running on my own erudite juices! Yes, I made it to the top! To The Million-Dollar Club In Real State. So, what? Quote from the headline I clicked,

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