Some Reasons Why I Think You Are Aggravated And Frustrated With Your Moment. I Am Not Anymore! Why? Read On…

But how am I different from others that also want the best for themselves and for their families? Much to think about. Read on, you’ll find that unexplainable reason.

Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 5:28 pm.

Father? What have I done with my day? So much I would like to do, but! I have run into dead ends all day long. Nothing works. I am aggravated! Maybe sleep.

Monday, October 30, 2017 at 1:50 am.

Hahaha! HalleluYah! Indeed! What a joy it is to live in Your Presence under Your loving control and direction.

I was so aggravated when I went to sleep around 6 pm. I slept until around midnight. Longest stretch I slept in a while. Ha! Not bad. Not exactly great, but! Did not feel the itch or pain that much. Hum! What to drink? Cinnamon tea? OK. Fixed tea. Head to my inbox.

First thing I noticed? My oldest sent me an e-card. Not really pleased. I do not celebrate these days, but! So glad to hear from my child.

Next? First thing on top? Just, Joel. Head line? Just ‘Miracles’. Hum! Let’s see. Wow! My Father knocking at the door of my troubled mind! Here is the account of it all.


thiaBasilia Licona  .12:30 AM (1 hour ago)

Joel? I was really aggravated when i went to sleep. I know by experience Father is in control of every minute detail of my life, but! Reading and realizing the horrible wave of beauty going on now-days? It’s frustrating to me. No matter. Father does pay mind to my frustrations. He is prompt to answer me. So? on top of my emails while I slept. your headline. Wow!

Here I inserted my entry for the day. I ended with,

Ha! I slept longer than I have slept in a while. I see and I know the difference, but! The problem with my health, though that it is not fatal? It’s aggravating! I think there is nothing worse than itching all over and not knowing what on earth is causing the infernal itch. What did I eat? I am into healthy eating. Elimination is not that easy. You  know what I mean?


  1. Been needing it since I posted last! Mister Computer refused to collaborate! At one point I thought my computer on line world had ended for good, but! Unbelievable power, confidence, calm, contentment. No fear. No doubt. No panic whatsoever!

    Suddenly! Things are coming together by the power of love from on high!

    Perhaps today I’ll post the account of the whole adventure. Amazing adventure if I may say. lov. 🙂
    All is well with my soul! Later!

  2. You always have such amazing adventures, Thia! You’ll never lead a boring life.

  3. Hahaha! Just you wait!!! And talk? Why? Why? Why? Because I say so! Go do it! Don’t ask me anymore ‘Why’!!! ….Why? O man! Take a deep breath. Thinks positive. Laugh. Give her a hug. Never, ever lift your hand to release your pressure. Patience. Patience. Patience.

    No need to wait. You been in your amazing adventure all of your life! Duh! xoxoxo

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