Some Reasons Why I Think You Are Aggravated And Frustrated With Your Moment. I Am Not Anymore! Why? Read On…

Well, I do respect his take in it all, but! I do not like to have those busy little things in wait for me to quickly wipe them out with a wet sponge. That’s the best way it has come to me to rid myself of the little annoying things.

Now? It’s 3:45 am over here. Been sleeping for the last two hours. The Spirit of my Father/Creator comes to me in my dreams. He directs my way while I sleep.

Lately more than ever before? The dreams are amazingly conforming with what goes on in my daily living.

So, in the last couple days I been aggravated, annoyed with my tendency to pay mind to what I see around me near and far instead of paying mind to the Father/Creator’s loving control of my life.

So, the last thing I saw this morning? A black patch of ants busy on my desk in front of the computer monitor, out of all places!

Immediately, it came to me–team work. United Kindred Spirits. I came to Google to find the meaning as Father directs me to do. What did I find on the 3rd try? You!

Accurate meaning and deciphering of several other things I needed to clarify. I am in awe of the Almighty Father Creator of our beings.

He has a plan to restore us to the original intent for our creation–to love and be loved.

His plan is now in effect. How He is doing it. I see it but! My only task is to write and publish. He is doing the rest. Please visit,

Let me know your thoughts. thiaBasilia. End of quote.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 4:16 pm.

Couldn’t keep my eyes opened. Went to Sleep at that moment. Didn’t wake up until about 7:30 pm. Ahmad came for a visit. Went back to sleep around midnight.


  1. Been needing it since I posted last! Mister Computer refused to collaborate! At one point I thought my computer on line world had ended for good, but! Unbelievable power, confidence, calm, contentment. No fear. No doubt. No panic whatsoever!

    Suddenly! Things are coming together by the power of love from on high!

    Perhaps today I’ll post the account of the whole adventure. Amazing adventure if I may say. lov. 🙂
    All is well with my soul! Later!

  2. You always have such amazing adventures, Thia! You’ll never lead a boring life.

  3. Hahaha! Just you wait!!! And talk? Why? Why? Why? Because I say so! Go do it! Don’t ask me anymore ‘Why’!!! ….Why? O man! Take a deep breath. Thinks positive. Laugh. Give her a hug. Never, ever lift your hand to release your pressure. Patience. Patience. Patience.

    No need to wait. You been in your amazing adventure all of your life! Duh! xoxoxo

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