Some Reasons Why I Think You Are Aggravated And Frustrated With Your Moment. I Am Not Anymore! Why? Read On…

Now, in this dream you saw My completed work after this period of chaos, disorder and judgment that you are passing thru.

There will be some changes in this agonizing period of pain & defeat that you are suffering. Wait. You are equipped now to wait in good spirits, expecting the best even if the worst should manifest.

Remember, I am always with you. I will never, ever leave or forsake you. I delight in your child like obedience. My delight in that obedience is your strength.”

The Dreams This Time….

Wow! Amazing! In my dream, I was coming home. Maybe Ahmad’s younger son was with me. It seems like it had been raining hard. There was an overflown ditch in our way to make it home. I said, I guess the water is to deep to step in? Next, we went in to some sort of depot. Many people busy with whatever. I went against the wall. There was a bench. A lady and husband were sitting there. They made room for me. She was laughing. So was myself. We were making fun of having to wait for the water to come down, so we could go on!

Talking about being equipped now to wait in good spirits, expecting the best even if the worst should manifest?

Most certainly my Father! Most certainly! You have equipped me well! So? Perhaps I must wait for another month.

Perhaps I must wait even for another year. Perhaps it would be even tomorrow or the next day? Whatever! I am well equipped now to wait in good spirits! Hahaha! HalleluYah.

I am on now to redo the graphic I been working on to illustrate the purpose for the blog/book that You have inspired me to put together.

Talking about starting this month in good spirits regardless the not so good situation with my computer and my living staples?


  1. Been needing it since I posted last! Mister Computer refused to collaborate! At one point I thought my computer on line world had ended for good, but! Unbelievable power, confidence, calm, contentment. No fear. No doubt. No panic whatsoever!

    Suddenly! Things are coming together by the power of love from on high!

    Perhaps today I’ll post the account of the whole adventure. Amazing adventure if I may say. lov. 🙂
    All is well with my soul! Later!

  2. You always have such amazing adventures, Thia! You’ll never lead a boring life.

  3. Hahaha! Just you wait!!! And talk? Why? Why? Why? Because I say so! Go do it! Don’t ask me anymore ‘Why’!!! ….Why? O man! Take a deep breath. Thinks positive. Laugh. Give her a hug. Never, ever lift your hand to release your pressure. Patience. Patience. Patience.

    No need to wait. You been in your amazing adventure all of your life! Duh! xoxoxo

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