What Is It That Helps Me To Overcome It All? Perhaps It’ll Help Someone Else. Hope. There Is Always Hope…. Part 1.

Guess it all reverts to the children wanting to become the parents. Once the child becomes of age? The parents become passé. That inborn ego of ours arises. And the struggle for control becomes a reality.

And You, my Father? Where are You amid the horror of the human struggle to control each other, to control You?

You are there all the time, but! While ….

You never leave nor forsake us. WOW! You just whispered that to me! What a marvel!

You are here watching over me while I shiver in discomfort questioning You as to Your doings. Why did You let the gas run out again? Why do You not stop the weather? Why do You let Ahmad work under the rain and cold?

How can I get rid of all the evil running through my mind? No money to take care of all these un-predicted ills. One of my children about to lose her teeth. Ahmad working like a slave instead of the master position You have assigned to him.

The lack of everything I think I need. The view of all the evil around and far from me. To see the incredible ways of human beings to reign supreme in their lives?

To see the great fallen away on swift wheels rolling by their own sky. To deal with my own encounters with mindless or heartless human beings—robots programmed by a money-making system? How can I stop the avalanche of evil in my mind, yet?

While all the evil runs in my mind? The reality of Your Presence within me stays steady and untouchable by the running’s of my mind.

It all is just a trick or treat learned from the enemy of our souls ….

Peace. Confidence. Trust in You? Steady. Untouched. What was it I need to write about? Ah! How about that? It all is just a trick or treat from the enemy of our souls.

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