What Is It That Helps Me To Overcome It All? Perhaps It’ll Help Someone Else. Hope. There Is Always Hope…. Part 1.

No kidding, the devil—Satan is his proper name. Satan controls the human being by trick or treat. What an amazing revelation.

We human beings like Satan, control each other by trick or treat. Indeed! If we cannot get from each other the treat of control? Then we get it by the trick of the stick!

The entire world runs by trick or treat, but! What is it that I am write about in this post? Ah! There is a solemn trick or treat for sure.

There is a solemn trick or treat for sure ….

Most certainly! That solemn trick? Nothing to laugh about, but! Then the promised treat? Nothing compared to the suffering from that solemn trick. What am I talking about?

I am talking about the ‘Curses’ and the ‘Blessings’, or, the platform of our existence on these earthly grounds, but! By now? Who cares? Well, I for one do. I do care, but! I am not the only one who cares.

Not about myself at all ….

It’s easy to feel alone when one is chosen among the multitude to see what the multitude cannot see, but! It’s just as easy for the One Who chose us to set us strait into His knowledge.

Anyhow, the important thing is not about myself. What I think, care, mind, and do? It’s all under the loving control of the Almighty Creator of our beings.

The truth? The same is truth about you, dear reader, and? Truth about all inhabitants of these earthly grounds. So? Let me go on with this post.

We suffer, but! No comparison ….

Yes! Right now? Mankind, including myself and you dear reader, mankind is suffering the results from living according to what we think is best. Please read it again in Isaiah 30:25,26. Quote,

Inflicted by Him because of their sins.

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