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Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 7:13 pm.

O My Father—O Father Of Mine? Your words in action–“Day by day, post by post you are writing the books I intent to use for My plan to restore My children to the original intent for their creation.”

I posted not too long ago today, and? The response from Your people is outstanding! You are continuously, writing the books You intent to use for Your plan to restore Your children to the original intent for their creation.

Timing ….?

It’s all tied up with Your timing, my Father. How simple and amazing it all becomes on Your timing! I made this observation in a comment to reply to my brother Peter Adewumi. Quote:

My Brother? This is the best read from you. Timely. Thanks (was referring to Peter’s post, When the ‘Likes’ on Your Blog Taper. His excellent suggestions came at a time that I am looking how to optimize the posts for better reading.)

Now? On reading your previous posts and comments, I have my reservations. Why?

Not too long ago I would have rushed to buy your books and? Struggle like hard to follow your passionate advice, for instances? Your post, ‘To Bury Your Past,’ but! I failed miserably.

Years went by. Much money and time spent in the purchase of promising books, my attendance in work-shops, seminars and the like, to no avail. My Past Remained Alive to Torture Me to Insanity! WHY?

Timing! To EVERYTHING there is a season…My appointed season or time did not happen until a few months ago. Now? WOW!

The best part about ALL our doings? The appointed season or time is here for ALL the chosen children of the Father/Creator by His design & purpose.

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