What’s This Next Post About? After The Cry Spell Came The Might Of His Answer! Wow! Read On …


Monday, January 29, 2018 at 8:24 pm.

The Snow & Plastic Dream…

…. I have heat. I am not hungry—I just had two meals since early this morning. Ahmad and myself are communicating, but! I feel like crying.

And what is the meaning of my dreaming of snow in my roof and Diana’s presence in my roof to show me the snow? Wow! Here is the answer You just quicken to me:

  1. A backyard covered in snow is a symbol that there is going to be happy in the family. You are going to rely on a member of your family who is very close to you.
  2. this is the spiritual message when you see snow on the ground. Seeing valleys and landscapes covered with snow denotes the end of a long season of misfortunes and bad luck that have been present in your life. After a period of misery and suffering, you are about to enter into a season of plenty and empowerment. 
  3. To dream of objects of plastic expresses your human high attitude and honesty before some annoying or complicated events that they will happen very soon. The plastic symbolizes just the opposite to falsehood or lie, but rather it is related with the genuine thing. If you dream of the plastic present in a piece of furniture of your house you will receive a message of abundance and prosperity in the immediate future. Dreaming of the plastic present in a toy of your children or nephews you confirm the happiness and stability of you with your marriage or couple current.
  4. Likewise, this type of dream it recommends not forget the details of its development to specify future suggestions. If the plastic is in clear and brilliant colors it announces the proximity of a moral or spiritual great benefit.

Passionate Request….

It’s now 11:24 am. Amazing! Ahmad should be here to visit and share what goes on with him. Evidently we are both experiencing the same anticipation for the fulfilment of Your promises to us.

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