What’s This Next Post About? After The Cry Spell Came The Might Of His Answer! Wow! Read On …

The rain has stopped. The sun is out. I will now turn off the heater and open my door. Will do my chores while I wait to see what You develop for me next.

Well, my Father? Could not get motivated to do any chores. Could not get motivated to do graphics. Could not get motivated even to write anymore since I wrote all the above. Then?

Opening the door and turning off the heat did not do me any good. My feet started hurting again. I was cold, so, I curled up under the covers, but! I could not sleep—my feet were hurting badly.

Finally? I heard, “Get up. Walk around. Go out the door. Your feet shall quit hurting.” So, I did. My feet are no longer hurting. That happened around 4:30 pm.

Not yet my Father’s answer….

It is now 6:19 pm. I still have not heard from Ahmad. I attempted to call him to no avail. Same with my attempt to call Diana and Roxana. Guess I’m suppose to sit still.

I’m now quite comfortable drinking a cup of cinnamon tea. I need to write a short message for the top page of the thia-basilia.com.

It’s coming to me to change the top message as You put in my heart to do. What will it be today, my Father? What would You have me to tell Your children to entice them to read the post? Ah! I hear Your voice:

My Father/Creator’s Answer….

The Family. A sequence of events neatly arranged day by day, post by post. But! Not just for my benefit. The neatest part is my life to impact many lives beyond my wildest imagination. Check it out!

What I heard was only the idea of how to present, The Family A True Story to my readers. This is what my Teacher inspired me to create, and? It came up great. I will change it for each post.

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