What’s This Next Post About? After The Cry Spell Came The Might Of His Answer! Wow! Read On …

It’s 6:41 pm. Ahmad just called. He is on his way. I’m on my way to arrange the message in Photoshop. I wait on You for whatever You have for me next.

Monday, January 29, 2018 at 4:16 am.

O my Father! I’m so admiring what You lead me to create, but! I must go on! What should I post today to follow the sequence of events You have arranged for me to record?

What to Post Today & What to Post Next ….

It’s now 12:11 pm. I’m beginning to get on to Your leading, my Father, but! You know it. As I go over the writings I need to perfect?

The last post published on Saturday. Since the last post I have recorded nearly 3000 words. Ah! It just came to me: Print them. You’ll see how to post all written since the last post. Great! On to the task.

You quickened certain words to me to remind me of where I am coming from. This time You quicken me my former thinking about who the wicked were?

There is no peace, says the Master, for the wicked.

“Ah! Those wicked Jews!” I would exclaimed. I would close my big Bible. Thank goodness! I am not a Jew! I felt so knowledgeable about the Bible and the Jews and? My Maker! DUH!

For years, my Christian teachers taught me we were not Jews. We were gentiles. I lived by their teachings in most all my doings, until?

Subject for Next Post ….

That shall be the subject for the next post. Dear Reader wonders are happening. Right now? I’m really sleepy. I hope to post when I wake up next.

Before I close ….  Greater power than physical abundance is the reality of the moment!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 6:15 am.

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