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Friday, February 9, 2018 at 7:16 am

Well, I managed to stay up all night! But, You know it my Father. The way things are developing with such precision? Astonishing! Is the word, but! Why half of my readers have dropped?

  • Ha! Your Answer Revealed And Confirmed Last Night….

Last night? I had the most profitable exchange with my beautiful Denise. The connection with this child of mine was so powerful that sleep evaded me for quite a few hours.

Then I woke but only for a brief time. I became drowsy. I curled up in bed and slept the rest of the night. I saw much while I slept.

One of the things I saw is why my readers loose and gain interest at certain points during my posting journey. Why?

Words. The meaning of words controls our behavior.

Have you ever thought about that, dear Reader? I have, but! Did not realized the extend that words influence our behavior.

In 1985, the Father/Creator of our beings spoke two words to my heart that were to be the basis for the rest of my life, but! My understanding of those words was nil for all matters and purposes.

Even so, in 1987? The Father/Creator separated me in one apartment. He placed the Amplified version of the Bible. He gave me a computer, printer, commercial copy machine, and the ability to use it all.

The commandment to last me for life eternal?

Do not follow your human leaders. I am your Teacher. I will open those words for you to understand and live accordingly.

And The Journey In The Presence Of My Father/Creator Began….

Not a smooth journey by the still waters of His Presence in my heart. Not at all! If anything? More like an overflow of waters flushing all kinds of debris clouding my vision.

What kind of debris among the much debris flushed out of me?

The debris of words. The spoken words by the Master Creator that are Spirit and Truth, but!

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