What Kind Of Life Am I Living?

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Living the life of a millionaire who has not got two coins to rub together ….?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 12:38 am.

I’m living the life of a millionaire who has not got two coins to rub together. That is two coins to rub together on hand, but!

At my disposal? My Father owns the cattle of a thousand hills. Unlimited wealth is at my disposal. My Father sees to it that I lack for nothing of eternal value.

By all means! I live an enviable life, and? Numerous souls are catching my drift. Numerous souls? Ha! I’m the one that just now is catching my own drift! Duh!

My Miracles? Just water on the pipes to others. Hahaha! ….?

O but what a Mighty Yah I serve. Like I wrote previously, the water situation is terrible over here in Jordan, but! Father takes care of my water supply.

The night before last? I went to bed thinking that I had exhausted the water to flush my toilet. After a few minutes in bed I heard water dripping. I quickly went to check.

Wow! The toilet tank was getting replenished. I checked the kitchen. I put a bottle under the faucet and open it up. Ha! Water began to drip until it filled my big container then? It stopped! No problem anymore. And what is the comment I heard?

“That was water retained in the pipes!” Ah! the human mind. The pity of not recognizing the loving care of a Father in the simplest of ways. O well!

No matter. Water on the pipes or not? I’m going on ….?

Father is working things out. No problem. I am going on and on! No longer any worries or fears or doubts or human reasoning whatsoever. That’s my life!

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