Betrayed! Perhaps ….?

Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 12:23 am.

Feelings? Only Fleeting Emotions floating in the mind to Discouraged Me from Proclaiming Truth ….?

O my Father? You know what’s happening to me right now. In wakening up a moment ago? I feel betrayed by my brother at SIWO. Betrayed? What does it mean?

To be false or disloyal to the truth that I proclaim, but! It’s all a matter of feelings. Fleeting emotions that float in the mind to disturb one’s well-being.

No need to fret about such feelings. Betrayed or not? You are in loving control of my thoughts and feelings. Such feelings no longer disturb the reality of my being.

Such feelings are only an attempt from the enemy to discourage me from proclaiming the Truth that You have compelled me to proclaim by all means available.

So? It seems that the one outlet You have chosen is no longer available. As it stands now it seems that the new posting setup is not yet visible. There is no response. What must I do?

Have I falter You? Have I taken things into my own hands with the new posting setup? Have I acted baited by feelings of retaliation? Search me, O my Father! Search me is my plea.

O but the wicked within me! It would be so nice if You would remove that wicked nature from me altogether, but then? I won’t be a human.

One thing I do know—I hate those who hate You. How do I know who hates You? By their fruits. By the fruit one gets to know the tree.

Even so, vengeance is not up to me. You compel me to look around and be astonished for the evil that I see—the fruit so blatantly displayed in the waves of the Internet nowadays.

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