The Wind Is Rile Up. Wonder What Its The Cause Of Its Riling Up? But! No Wonder As The Cause Of My Former Life’s Riling Ups!

Wow! Before I got to quote those Scriptures? Father led me to the following information to make clear to you, dear Reader what am talking about. Timely information from

Insight on “Is Your Church Christian or Christianish?”

The task Father has given to me? Write; Publish; Optimize. Sit still. I will do the rest. Well, I am to write what His Spirit inspires to me, and? Publish what I write when and wherever the Spirit quickens me to publish.

Today? He inspired me to write, “What Is True Love? That’s The Power Of Love And Wisdom From On High Ours For The Asking ….? ” but!

Now is the next day, Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The title is changed, to “The Wind Is Rile Up. Wonder What It’s The Cause Of Its Riling Up? But! No Wonder As The Cause Of My Former Life’s Riling Ups!” Why?

Well, I was at the point of writing “What Is True? What Is Not True ….?”

Just when I was fixing to quote the inspired Scriptures for the post? Up pops I stopped.

I read about ‘the Bombs led me to Christ—a very emotional testimony that moved me to tears, but! That was not resolving my dilemma about what’s true or not. Then? My eyes were turned to: ‘Is Your Church Christian or Christianish?’

Wow! That’s exactly what Father wanted me to read. What a marvel! Only reading the sequence of the events in my life can anyone understand what I am writing in this and in all posts I write.

Reading that article will certainly clarify what is it that Father is doing with my testimony post by post.

All He has given to me is not only against the Christian Church.

All He has given to me is not against the Christian Church. It is ALL against the Christianish church. Now I know, is what I’m thinking at this point. Perhaps.

It’s all about HIS faithfulness not about our faith or anything our at all….

Thanks be to our Father! It’s all His faithfulness not our faith even when by faith should the just live, but! If it was not for His faithfulness we wouldn’t have that measure of faith He has gifted to us all.

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