The Wind Is Rile Up. Wonder What Its The Cause Of Its Riling Up? But! No Wonder As The Cause Of My Former Life’s Riling Ups!

O but what a Mighty Yah we have. Thanks be to Him to entrust unto each one of us as it is His will not ours to do.

The article “Is Your Church Christian or Christianish?” Makes it quite clear what the Father/Creator is bringing to light now for the clarification of every written word from His Sprit.

What a Mighty Yah Our Father/Creator is! Talking about persuasion? That article ought to persuade many souls to join the Christian Church. Even so!

Right now? We are like blind man reaching out to blind man and missing each other. Here is a graphical description of the fact to illustrate the matter.

0 Blind missing each other_bible-3008650_1280

We are given the facts for us to make a reasonable choice—for us to choose life instead of death, but! We refuse to listen. Inevitable we choose death.

Even after He calls and gifts us with spiritual gifts we remain carnal, un-spiritual because we refuse to give up whatever is programmed into our minds from birth until death do us part.

Therein lies the parading of mankind—my dilemma until recently. Even so? Father is now harmonizing all my dilemmas. He leads me all the way. On to bed myself went at this point of writing.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 4:37 am.

Woke up about half hour ago. What did I hear? “The Christian Church has not yet arrived where they ought to be—they are still depending on their mind not My mind and will. Observe.

Are they not still proselyting with the label of ‘Christians’ just as the people labeled themselves as the sons of Abraham?

Here Is The Situation As It Stands Nowadays.

Isaiah 1:18.

Dear Reader, read the whole chapter in Isaiah 1. It will open your mind and soul should you be willing to reason things out heart to heart with the Master Creator of our beings. Yahushua said in,

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