The Wind Is Rile Up. Wonder What Its The Cause Of Its Riling Up? But! No Wonder As The Cause Of My Former Life’s Riling Ups!

Matthew 11:28-30. Luke 11:9-13. Give it a read, it’ll do good to your mind because the Spirit is leading you to read it right now. Next?

The Father/Creator addresses His children in Isaiah 30. Again? Try it out. Those are only a few of the Scriptures entreating us to come to Him.

But even the commandments are not words of coercion. We are given a choice: If we obey? We’ll be blessed. If we disobey? We’ll be cursed. Those are warnings for our safety.

Christianish Church ….?

It’s all describe in John 8:3-47. I suggest to read it again even if you are most familiar with those Scriptures.

Christian Church ….?

The Christian Church claims to live by grace. They claim to live by faith, but by their fruits? They are not living anymore by either grace or faith as they were when they first believe.

They are still depending on what they understand and teach others about My written words. They are still following each other. They are still overtaken by their emotions and mind more than on Me.

OOO! My Father? Reading the great posts in I been wondering about what I read.

Somehow, I sense something not exactly right with You. Why? Because Your grieving in my heart. How can we let our minds and imaginations about Your words take over our lives? Easily—that’s the way You design it for good reasons.

In a way? Practically all human beings have the same thoughts about You, my Father. Things are the same as the way it was when You sent Yahushua so it is now.

Even Your most devoted selected by You, they tenaciously teach and train others in and by Your Word or? So, they claim to do, but! You still grieve within my heart, and? In fear I wonder.

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