What’s With Me? What’s With You? What’s With The Church? What’s With This Insanity Ridden World That We Inhabit? The Truth? Perhaps No Need To Wonder Anymore ….?

Unless we allow His Spirit to reveal Him to us; unless we allow His Spirit to teach us His ways we CANNOT understand the warnings and entreating from our Father/Creator.

From the beginning it has been stated to be so, but! The scholars along the leaders of the flock have twisted and untwisted and made havoc of such warnings and entreating.

Every piece I read is about this great, amazing, powerful Man or Woman of ‘God’. Millions, thousands of followers driven to imitate them for what? To produce more of the same?

Give me a break! WOW! Answer? Break from my own arrogant self!

O my Father! Give me a break! WOW! You are utterly amazing and faithful to quickly answer whatever You put in my heart to ask for. What on earth am I talking about?

O but what joy inexplicable and full of Your esteem! In my mind I was asking for a break from all those arrogant leaders of the flock, but! Father had another break in mind. The break from my own arrogant self! HaHaHa! HalleluYah!

Well? Now? I have a great job at hand. I shall change all my graphics and signature. From now on? No more thiaBasilia. It shall be, your sister no more thiaBasilia.

In my arrogance I intended to quote the whole chapter of Hosea 4:1-19, but! Father has inspired me not to do that anymore. No need. Only need? My witness of the work He is doing in my heart, and that?

Only on His time and timing. Sometimes I am to quote one thing or the other. Other times? No need for quotes. Only the result of those quotes in my life.

His Plan Of Restoration To The Original Intent For Our Creation Is In Effect —To Love. To Be Loved. Your Cherish Family O Mighty One? Forever To be!

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